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What will you choose?

With all of the different soil moisture sensor options available today, it can be difficult to know which one to choose.

At METER, we believe that choosing the right sensor should be simple. Why make compromises when you don’t have to?

No compromises.

This is why we developed the TEROS 12 soil moisture sensor. The sensor combines all the features you need. So you never have to make a compromise between performance, reliability, and price.

The details.

The all new TEROS 12 sensors use capacitance sensing technology to deliver an excellent price to performance ratio in a device that is easy to use.

Our new calibration procedure maximizes accuracy and minimizes sensor-to-sensor variability. So you can count on the same level of performance from every sensor.

Also, TEROS 12 sensors have soil temperature measurement included with every sensor. So, you have all the information for temperature corrections, or if you just need temperature to understand biophysical processes in the soil.

And now, you can connect TEROS 12 sensors to the ZENTRA ZL for simple, plug-and-play data logging and cloud-based data storage and management. Because what good are data if they aren’t accessible when you need them?

An ideal solution.

TEROS 12 soil moisture sensors combine accuracy, affordability, simplicity, and reliable functionality – all connected and delivered through the cloud – making them the ideal solution for soil moisture measurement.

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  • Electrical conductivity sensor included
  • New fast electrical conductivity method
  • Thermistor embedded in the center needle
  • Epoxy body for tough field conditions
  • Full water content range – sensitive to small changes in water content anywhere from 0 – 100% VWC
  • Minimizes salinity and textural effects by using 70 MHz frequency capacitance technology
  • Steel needles cut through the soil for better soil-sensor contact
  • Easy-to-read voltage output for various data loggers


Volumetric Water Content (VWC)

Range: 0 to 57% VWC
Resolution: 0.005 m3/m3 (0.5% VWC)
Accuracy: Using a generic calibration: ± 0.03 m3/m3 (± 3% VWC) typical in mineral soils that have solution electrical conductivity < 10 dS/m; Using medium specific calibration, ± 0.01 - 0.02 m3/m3 (± 1 - 2% VWC) in any porous medium


Range: -40°C to 60°C
Resolution: 0.1°C
Accuracy: ± 1°C

Electrical Conductivity

Range: 0 to 20 dS/m
Resolution: 0.001 dS/m
Accuracy: ± 3%

Volume of Influence

1010 cm³

Measurement Speed

150 ms (milliseconds)

Sensor Type

VWC: Frequency domain

Dielectric Measurement Frequency

70 MHz


RS232 (TTL) or SDI-12

Operating Environment

-40°C to 60°C


3.6 to 15 VDC, 0.03 mA quiescent, 3 mA during 150 ms measurement

Cable Length

Sensors come standard with 5 m cable. Custom cable lengths available. Maximum cable length of 75 m. Please contact Decagon if you need longer cable lengths.

Cable Connector Types

3.5 mm "stereo" plug, or stripped and tinned lead wires (3)

Sensor Dimensions

9.4 cm x 2.4 cm x 2.0 cm

Prong Length

5.4 cm

Data Logger Compatibility

Decagon Em50 Series, ProCheck, Campbell Scientific


One year, parts and labor


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