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Skala HUB creates digital quality records directly from the instruments in your lab.

Skala HUB is designed to fit the workflow of a food quality lab.

Skala HUB allows technicians to tag samples with information about what batch is being measured and by whom as a natural part of the workflow.

Built for the Lab

Skala HUB is designed for the lab environment. The 7 inch touch screen is easy to read. Menus can be used even when hands are wet or gloved. It’s built rugged to withstand normal lab conditions.

Centralizes Workflow

Each connected instrument runs from the screen. Information about the work in process is all located in one place.

Puts All Readings in One Place

Any instrument with a serial data port can be connected to one of Skala’s seven data ports. Skala HUB can connect to pH meters, refractometers, moisture balances, water activity meters—any instrument with a serial data port.

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7 inch diagonal, capacitive touch

Base dimensions

8x13 inches

Connection ports



https bank-level security


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