Product Management at METER

Product Management at METER

Product managers know the product. They also know the customer. They coordinate all business units responsible for a product, including product development, planning, management, marketing, sales, and manufacturing.

At METER, however, product managers are more. They are visionaries–creative minds that think outside the box. Leo is a scientist driven to solve soil measurement challenges.

Lifting heavy weights

Leo is as likely to be wearing work gloves as he is a name badge. His job is equal parts lab and office. For him, the tough parts of the job are balanced by the time he spends discovering new things in the lab and in the field. He’s constantly analyzing the market, testing instruments, accelerating product development, working with customers, and planning for the future.

Leo’s job is challenging, but he’s in the habit of reaching for the heavy weights.

"The people I work with are all passionate about what they do. It makes it easy to come to work every day."

Leo's favorite product: SATURO

"When I hear people talk about how how SATURO simplifies the measurement, I feel great about our development choices. We got rid of as many of the pain points as possible. Someone with no experience can read the quick start guide, set SATURO up, and get good measurements. That simply wasn't possible with the old methods."