Ever work on something that flies? We have.


The technology we need at METER doesn’t exist. It’s up to us to build it. We’re creating ground-breaking engineering, geospatial, energy management, and information systems that allow our customers to do things that were previously impossible.

Find your team:

Software developers on our product teams are deeply involved with customer learning. They work with all members of the team to test the limits of how software and hardware can work together to solve customer challenges. Periodically our teams are looking for individuals such as:

  • Database administrators
  • Javascript engineers
  • Software data architects
  • Software engineers (middleware, web applications, embedded systems, mobile applications android/iOS, solar performance analytics)
  • Web developers

Brianne is a software developer on the ZENTRA cloud team. She works on the user interface and does both front and back end development. The ZENTRA project is challenging, but Brianne loves to learn and finds the steep learning curve exhilarating.

“My team has such a great dynamic. We’ve really learned to code in unison. We rely on each other and ask each other questions when we get stuck. They’re willing to give me something challenging and say ‘you can do this.’ Having tough tasks given to me is such an honor.”