Managed Depletion Irrigation for Humid Regions and Beyond
Webinar - August 29, 2019

Managed Depletion Irrigation for Humid Regions and Beyond

How to maximize yields with the least amount of water

Replacing crop water use to a full point or field capacity is a common approach to irrigation scheduling. At least, that’s true in arid climates. But what if there’s a repeat chance of rain?

Uncertainty of rainfall amount and timing can impact how we approach irrigation water management. ​In humid regions​, bringing the soil to full field capacity often means lost yield potential.

Brian Leib, Ph.D., from the University of Tennessee joins us in this guest webinar presentation to discuss a new approach to managing irrigation. He shares past studies and results using different irrigation treatments in soybean and cotton crops.


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Brian Leib, Ph.D., works in the Biosystems Engineering & Soil Science Department with the University of Tennessee and supports producers in the region as an extension specialist.

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