Using Electrical Conductivity Measurements to Optimize Irrigation
Webinar - October 25, 2016

Using Electrical Conductivity Measurements to Optimize Irrigation

Methods to calculate drainage and prevent soil salinization

There are many benefits to using electrical conductivity (EC) measurements along with water content for irrigation scheduling. In this talk, Dr. Doug Cobos reviews the three measures of EC, the different applications for EC, and the keys for making these measurements.

  • What EC measurements tell you about your water drainage and soil salinity status
  • Ways to convert from soil bulk EC to soil water EC and saturation extract EC
  • How to adjust irrigation events based on EC

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Dr. Douglas Cobos is a Senior Research Scientist and the Director of Environmental Research at METER (formerly Decagon Devices). He also holds an adjunct appointment in the Department of Crop and Soil Sciences at Washington State University where he teaches Environmental Biophysics. Doug’s advanced degrees are from Texas A&M and the University of Minnesota in Soil Science. His current research is focused on instrumentation development for use in soil and plant research.

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