Micro-Weather Monitoring

Measure the local climate


Track temperature with higher accuracy

You depend on an accurate temperature measurement. Weather stations with poor readings can lead to estimation errors in crop water use, growing-degree-day calculations, and other climate-dependent models.

Because it measures the key parameters that impact temperature accuracy, the ATMOS 41 all-in-one weather station is able to correct for them. The result: an accurate air temperature reading to ± 0.6 °C. That’s a data point you can trust.

Local is better

Stop relying on weather data from a station miles away. The amount of rain falling or wind blowing on one field can vary to the next. Get site-specific data for your field when you install the micro-weather monitoring system from METER.

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Chart showing connection from ATMOS 41 to ZL6 Data Logger to ZENTRA Cloud


  • 12 measurements over a single port
  • Measure relative humidity, precipitation, solar radiation, wind speed, and more
  • Low power, compact, and no moving parts
  • Quick set-up, equally fast response
  • Bird deterrent option available



  • Minimize the effects of severe weather on crops
  • Know when evaporative demand is low or high
  • Calculate reference ET, growing degree days, and chill hours
  • Export raw data for external pest and disease models


Get in touch with us today for system pricing. All systems include automated data collection, processing, and access via the ZL6 data logger and ZENTRA Cloud.

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