Shelf Life Simplified

Shelf Life Simplified

Develop internal shelf life testing capability.

Shelf Life Simplified uses the power of water activity to take the complexity out of determining product shelf life and packaging requirements.


Power of Water Activity

As shown by this stability map, water activity is correlated to many of the factors that end shelf life. Shelf Life Simplified takes advantage of these correlations to help you accurately predict when your product will fail.

Step-by-step Process

Shelf Life Simplified delivers a simple, step by step process to test your products and:

  • determine an accurate shelf life so you can confidently make business decisions about product storage and distribution
  • choose the right packaging based on scientific predictions
  • analyze the effect of abuse conditions on your product
  • set specifications to ensure your customer gets the experience they expect

Tailored to Meet Your Needs

Shelf Life Simplified is a 1 to 2 day custom consulting program that will train you to run your own accelerated shelf life testing program.

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You will finish the program understanding how to determine your product’s modes of failure, calculate shelf life using accelerated shelf life testing, choose the correct packaging for your product, and set specifications for optimum safety and quality.

The On-site Visit

The on-site visit can be customized to meet your needs, and typically includes:

  • pre-visit evaluation of your products, including collection of sample data as appropriate
  • on-site training on how to determine candidate modes of failure on your specific products
  • explanation of how to use water activity and moisture sorption isotherm information generated from your products
  • step-by-step, hands-on training using your product information to determine and predict shelf life
  • experimental design set up for collecting shelf life data, including training on effective use of laboratory instruments to investigate modes of failure
  • free copy of Moisture Analysis Toolkit and hands on training in its use by analyzing your own data
  • practice in combining experimental data with packaging information to select the most appropriate packaging
  • training on how to apply shelf life results to specification development and quality testing
  • follow up through your first experiment, including data collection support and assistance with experiment data analysis and application
  • a summary report to use as a reference

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