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Measure the soil-plant-atmosphere continuum

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Get faster, better insights with less worry, work, and expense. Accelerate field discovery with pain-free, high-quality, real-time data using smarter delivery, visualization, and sharing. See everything. Miss nothing—no matter where you are. Understand the complete picture with a symphony of data always at your fingertips.

What’s your measurement type? Get an overview of our system of easy-to-use sensors, software, and lab instrumentation, and enter the world of research made simple.


The world's best all-in-one weather station for atmospheric measurements that doesn't limit you with other sensors.
  • Measures 12 weather variables
  • Designed for continuous deployment in harsh climates
  • Connect to ZL6 for data capture and management

ZL6 Pro

The ZL6 Pro puts data collection and management on auto-pilot, so you can focus on what you love.
  • Automated 15-minute real-time data uploads
  • 3 year subscription included
  • Simple setup


The TEROS 21 matric potential sensor is incredibly easy to use and surprisingly affordable.
  • Full-range soil water potential sensor
  • Accurate. Easy to use. No recalibration.
  • Onboard temperature measurement
Applied industries

What's your industry? Scientists and engineers worldwide depend on METER systems for deeper understanding of critical issues with global impact.Find innovative and effective solutions to some of the world’s most challenging problems.

Plant Breeding

Ag Weather Networks

Soil Infiltration Testing

Sensor Integrators


What’s your application? METER offers a myriad of effortless, modular, turnkey measurement solutions that can be designed to fit your unique application. Researchers have used our sensors everywhere, for practically everything—even measurements on Mars.

Weather Monitoring

Soil Science


Plant Science

Soil Thermal Resistivity

Geotechnical Engineering

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Near-real-time data, anytime, anywhere. Use ZENTRA Cloud to see and analyze your research data from wherever you are.

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See your data as it happens so you can discover important trending information and share it with collaborators.



We're scientists. The quest for knowledge is in our blood. We've spent decades learning the best way to measure pretty much everything, so you can access a huge repository of webinars.

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Water Potential 101–Making Use of an Important Tool

Master the basics of soil water potential.
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Water Potential 201—Choosing the Right Instrument

Learn water potential instrument theory, including the challenges of measuring water potential and how to choose and use various water potential instruments.
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Soil moisture: why installation is everything

You can improve the quality of your data and lessen the need to search for errors with smarter sensor installation techniques.
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