Soil moisture sensing—evolved

TEROS sensors are more durable, accurate, easier and faster to install, more consistent, and linked to a powerful, intuitive near-real-time data logging and visualization system.


Our goal at METER is to reduce your workload so you can spend more time on what matters. The new TEROS line is part of a complete system of sensors, loggers, and software that are easily deployed, require little maintenance, and put near-real-time data at your fingertips so you can publish more, and work less. 

Accuracy is now almost effortless

We created the new TEROS water content line to eliminate barriers to good accuracy such as installation inconsistency, sensor-to-sensor variability, and sensor verification. TEROS soil moisture sensors go beyond their predecessors to optimize the accuracy of the whole data set. They combine consistent, flawless installation with an installation tool, extremely robust construction, minimal sensor-to-sensor variability, a large volume of influence, a verification standard, and advanced data logging to deliver the best performance, accuracy, ease-of-use, and reliability at a price you can afford. 


3 new sensors: What’s the difference?

Table 1. TEROS sensor comparison
Measures Volumetric water content, temperature, electrical conductivity Volumetric water content, temperature Volumetric water content
Volume of Influence 1010 mL 1010 mL 430 mL
Research-Grade Accuracy ±3% VWC typical in mineral soils that have solution EC <8 dS/m ±3% VWC typical in mineral soils that have solution EC <8 dS/m ±3% VWC typical in mineral soils that have solution EC <8 dS/m
Field Lifespan 10+ years 10+ years 10+ years
Measurement Output Digital SDI-12 Digital SDI-12 Analog
Durability Highest Highest Highest
Installation Installation tool for high accuracy Installation tool for high accuracy Installation tool for high accuracy
Repeatability Accuracy verification standard Accuracy verification standard Accuracy verification standard
Cost Low Low Lowest
Guarantee 3 years 3 years 3 years
TEROS 12 soil moisture sensor with ZL6 data logger

Why TEROS changes everything  

Minimum sensor to sensor variability: TEROS 11/12 sensors use a completely new calibration procedure that maximizes accuracy and minimizes sensor-to-sensor variability while keeping the sensor cost reasonable. So you can be confident that every sensor you install is going to read exactly like the next one.

Large volume of influence: The TEROS 11/12 sensors deliver a one-liter volume of influence (versus the 200 mL typical for most sensors).

Reliable, long-life sensor performance: Improved sharpened, high-quality stainless steel needles slip easily into even hardened soils, and a durable epoxy fill means the sensor lasts up to 10 years in the field. In the TEROS 12, we’ve positioned a temperature sensor perfectly inside the middle needle so the needles are robust, yet extremely sensitive to soil temperature change.

Reduced installation error: The new TEROS Borehole Installation Tool mistake-proofs installation and delivers consistent, flawless insertion into any soil type (even hard clay) while minimizing site disturbance. Sensors are installed perfectly perpendicular to the sidewall with uniform pressure then gently released to prevent air gaps.

Verification standard: TEROS sensor repeatability can be checked with an accuracy verification standard. No other soil moisture sensor has this ability. Just slide the verification clip onto a sensor and plug it into a logger. If it reads within the right range, your sensor is good to go.

Seamless data collection: For easy and reliable data collection, combine TEROS sensors with the new ZL6, where all data are delivered in near-real time through the cloud.

In the video below, soil moisture expert Leo Rivera explains in detail why we spent 20 years creating the new TEROS water content sensor line.

Get more for less

The new TEROS line leverages advances in calibration techniques, an installation tool, and better raw materials to produce sensors that are more durable, accurate, easier and faster to install, more consistent, and linked to a powerful, intuitive near-real-time data logging and visualization system called ZENTRA Cloud.

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