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Episode 23 - The Power of Soil Health in Sustainable Agriculture

Dr. Dedrick Davis is an Assistant Professor in Soil Physics at Alabama A&M University. He obtained his PhD in Soil Science and Environmental Science from Iowa State University,and his teaching expertise is in soil physics and soil hydrology.
Podcast 45 minutes

Episode 22 - Breeding the Most Elite Winter Wheat

Dr. Arron Carter, professor and O.A. Vogel Endowed Chair of Wheat Breeding and Genetics at Washington State University, discusses breeding improved wheat varieties for cropping systems in Washington state that incorporate diverse rotations and environments.
Podcast 50 minutes

Episode 21: Understanding the Language of Plants

Natalie Aguirre, a PhD candidate and plant physiology and chemical ecology researcher at Texas A&M University, dives into her research on pathogen infection, water stress, and how plants communicate and defend themselves.
Podcast 45 minutes

Episode 20: The Impact of Seasonal Vegetation on Coastal Dune Storm Recovery

Pete Tereszkiewicz, Ph.D. candidate at the University of South Carolina, explains how wind, water, sediment interactions, and seasonal vegetation affect beach dune creation, deformation, and erosion.
Podcast 48 minutes

Episode 19: How Researchers Fight Dust Storms and Desertification

New Mexico State Climatologist Dr. David DuBois discusses the latest in climate observation and air quality research.
Podcast 48 minutes

Episode 18: Busting Vineyard Water Management Myths

In vineyards, too much water can be as bad as too little. Jaclyn Fiola, hydropedologist at Virginia Tech, shares her research on the influence of soil and precipitation in U.S. Mid-Atlantic vineyards.
Podcast 45 minutes

Episode 17: The Science Behind Growing Food in Space

Dr. Bruce Bugbee discusses his space farming research and what we earthlings can learn from space farming techniques.
Podcast 50 minutes

Episode 16: Why Overwatering Invites Disease and Removes Critical Nutrients

Dr. Colin Campbell discusses his collaborative research efforts controlling water on potato farms in southern Idaho where he and other researchers discovered that combining measurements helped them better understand the impacts of management and the interplay between variables like evapotranspiration and soil water.
Podcast 50 minutes

Episode 15: How Land Use Impacts Hydrology in Texas Shrink-Swell Clays

METER research scientist, Leo Rivera, discusses the ups and downs of his hydrology research in the shrink-swell clays of Texas, why the collapse of a video store got him interested in hydrology, how he got caught on camera by google maps, the interesting development story behind the SATURO infiltrometer, and more.
Podcast 31 minutes
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