Episode 29: The Effect of Insects on Infiltration

Every 17 years cicadas emerge from the earth to mate, leaving thousands of holes peppering the landscape. Dr. Darren Ficklin and his Ph.D. students wondered what impact this monumental exodus has on the movement of water within the soil. Their findings were beyond what anyone could have ever imagined. In this podcast, we talk to Dr. Ficklin about his past and current work studying the intersection of climate and hydrology.


Dr. Darren Ficklin is an associate professor in the Department of Geography at Indiana University. He received his bachelor's in geological sciences at Indiana University, obtained his master's in geology at Southern Illinois University, and a Ph.D. in hydrologic Sciences at the University of California Davis. After completing his Ph.D., he stayed in California and did postdoctoral work at Santa Clara University. His current research focuses primarily on the intersection of hydrology and climate.

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