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Temperature and Humidity Sensor and More

Microclimate measurement made simple

If you’re doing a microclimate or evapotranspiration study, you may need up to four extra sensors to get important measurements that will benchmark your data. Not to mention facing the hassle of getting all those sensors integrated into your system. What you need is something simpler. Meet ATMOS 14.

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With the ATMOS 14, all your bases are covered

We engineered the  ATMOS 14 temperature and humidity sensor to be four sensors in one—air temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure, and vapor pressure. It's a versatile, low-maintenance, and fast sensor designed to make taking temp/RH measurements simpler and therefore less work. And best of all, it’s plug and play with our ZL6 data logger.


A temperature and humidity sensor you can plug in, and walk away

Despite its minimalist design, the ATMOS 14 provides maximum value. While other sensors require wiring and programming, the ATMOS 14 simply plugs into the ZL6 (It’s also compatible with third-party data loggers). There’s no having to figure out complicated instructions. Just mount the sensor on your data logger mast, plug it in, and walk away.

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Readings don’t get any more rapid

Because the ATMOS 14 temperature and humidity sensor is plug and play, setup is quick. And responses are equally fast. Thanks to a Teflon protection screen that keeps liquid water out, but vapor moving freely through, it responds rapidly while keeping dust and liquid water off the sensor. Both features add up to time saved on your part.

Measures a lot. Requires very little effort.

The ATMOS 14 temperature and humidity sensor is low-maintenance. It gives accurate vapor pressure and RH without a lot of cleaning. Plus it’s weatherproof, meaning it will last a long time in the field. Another helpful feature is the compact shape that fits into tight spaces, leaving room on a mast for other sensors.

For everything it measures, there’s not much to it

With ATMOS 14, all your basic microclimate measurements are covered using a small, simple integrated sensor. Thousands of engineers and ecologists depend on the ATMOS 14 temperature and humidity sensor for straightforward measurements. Whether you’re using it to look at plant emergence, leaf area index, or fractional interception, there isn’t an easier way to benchmark your data.

Feature summary 

  • Four measurements in one sensor

  • Plug and play capability

  • Collect data remotely when used with the ZL6 data logger

  • Compact

  • Teflon screen protects the sensor from weather

  • Fast response

  • Integrated temperature for accuracy

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