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Electrical Conductivity and Temperature Sensor

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The ES-2 Electrical Conductivity and Temperature Sensor is designed to measure the electrical conductivity of water in a pipe or tank.  When you pair the new ES-2 with a TEROS 12 soil moisture sensor in the soil, you’ll begin to develop a complete picture of the salts that are going into your system, as well as the salts remaining in your soil or substrate.


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Measurement Specifications   
Temperature Range: –40 to 60 °C
Resolution: 0.1 °C
Accuracy: ±1 °C
Bulk EC Range: 0 to 120 dS/m
Resolution: 0.001 dS/m
Accuracy: ±0.01 dS/m or ±10% (whichever is greater)
Communication Specifications   
Output DDI serial or SDI-12 communication protocol
Data logger compatibility METER ZL6 data loggers and any data acquisition system capable of 3.6- to 15-VDC power and serial or SDI-12 communication
Physical Specifications  
Dimensions Length: 10.9 cm (4.30 in)
Width: 2.4 cm (0.95 in)
Thread: 1/2-in National Pipe Thread
Operating temperature range Minimum: –40 °C
Maximum: 60 °C

NOTE: Sensors may be used at higher temperatures under certain conditions; contact Customer Support for assistance.
In-line pipe connector type 1-in Tee socket pipe fitting
Cable length 5 m (standard)
75 m (maximum custom cable length)

NOTE: Contact Customer Support if a nonstandard cable length is needed.
Connector types 3.5-mm stereo plug connector or stripped and tinned wires
Electrical and Timing Characteristics   
Supply voltage (VCC to GND) Minimum: 3.6 V
Maximum: 15.0 V
Digital input voltage (logic high) Minimum: 2.8 V
Typical: 3.6 V
Maximum: 5.0 V
Digital input voltage (logic low) Minimum: –0.3 V
Typical: 0.0 V
Maximum: 0.8 V
Digital output voltage (logic high) Typical: 3.6 V
Power line slew rate Minimum: 1.0 V/ms
Current drain (during measurement) Minimum: 20 mA
Typical: 20 mA
Maximum: 28 mA
Current drain (while asleep) Typical: 0.03 mA
Power up time (DDI serial) Maximum: 100 ms
Power up time (SDI-12) Minimum: 100 ms
Typical: 200 ms
Maximum: 250 ms
Power up time (SDI-12, DDI disabled) Typical: 125 ms
Measurement duration Typical: 25 ms
Maximum: 50 ms
COMPLIANCE Manufactured under ISO 9001:2015
EM ISO/IEC 17050:2010 (CE Mark)


ES-2 Electrical Conductivity and Temperature Sensor Manual Manual PDF, 1.053MB
ES-2 Quick Start Quickstart Guide PDF, 5.6MB
ES-2 Integrator Guide Quickstart Guide PDF, 0.277MB
ES-2 Firmware Updater Firmware EXE, 1.3MB

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