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We think you should spend less time on complex processes and more time being productive. That’s why we automated almost everything in the new SATURO infiltrometer.
  • Measures field saturated hydraulic conductivity
  • Fully automated and portable infiltrometer
  • Capable of unattended measurement
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Get a more complete picture of highly variable unsaturated hydraulic conductivity with the infiltrometer that gives you more measurements for less time, less effort, less expertise, and less money.
  • Easy field measurement of unsaturated hydraulic conductivity
  • Compact and simple
  • Reliable. Fast setup.
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Measure water depth, temperature, and electrical conductivity.  Low-complexity, low-maintenance, and low-cost design saves you time, hassle, and money.
  • Measure water depth, temperature, and electrical conductivity
  • Low cost. Durable. Simple to use.
  • Easy remote data in real time
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G3 Lysimeter

The Drain Gauge G3 is an easy-to-use lysimeter specifically designed to measure deep drainage over larger areas at an affordable cost.
  • Affordable deep drainage measurement with large sampling volumes
  • Completely sealed system protects from high water tables
  • Monitor solute fluxes with optional EC sensor
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Drain Gauge G3 AutoPump

The AutoPump automatically drains the Drain Gauge G3 reservoir into bottles for later collection or away from the measurement area.
  • Automatically drains the Drain Gauge G3 reservoir
  • Designed for remote and high drainage sites
  • Connect to a data logger
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