PS-1 Irrigation Pressure Switch
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PS-1 Irrigation Pressure Switch


The PS-1 Irrigation Pressure Switch adds irrigation water on/off data into the soil moisture data set. On/off data is a critical parameter to add to your system when using soil moisture sensors to monitor irrigation because it enables you to know your irrigation times.

The PS-1 registers ON at 5 PSI (±1.0 PSI). Because the sensor must be plumbed into the irrigation line, your data logger should be located where this can be done conveniently and cleanly.

Set point    5 psi switch (± 1 psi)
Maximum pressure 250 psi
Proof pressure 750 psi
Media connection 1/8 NPT male brass
NEMA rating 4, 13
Diaphragm material Buna-N with the METER USB cable adapter (UCA)
Electrical connection    Five-meter cable with 3.5 mm connector for use with METER Em50/50G, EM60/60G, ZL6 series loggers

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