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Advanced Soil Moisture Sensor + Temperature and EC

You need sensor longevity

Soil can be highly variable in space, requiring many measurements and frustrating amounts of your research dollars. Not to mention the extra cost and hassle of replacement sensors if you need long-term data. Make large sensor networks simpler, longer-lasting, and more affordable with the ultra-dependable TEROS 12 soil moisture, temperature, and EC sensor.

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Better accuracy—verified

The TEROS 12 soil moisture sensor uses a completely new calibration procedure that maximizes accuracy and minimizes sensor-to-sensor variability while keeping the cost reasonable. So you can be confident that every sensor you install is going to read exactly like the next one. Unlike other sensors on the market which spec an unverifiable  ±1.0% VWC accuracy, the TEROS 12 was rigorously tested by our soil physicists across a challenging range of soil types and EC levels so you can be confident in the accuracy of your data.

Plus, TEROS sensor repeatability can be checked with an accuracy verification standard. No other soil moisture sensor has this ability. Just slide the verification clip onto a sensor and plug it into a logger. If it reads within the right range, your sensor is good to go.


Small soil moisture sensor lets you think bigger

The TEROS 12 delivers the best volume of influence to sensor size on the market so you’re less susceptible to soil variability errors. We’ve optimized the circuitry in this 9.4-cm sensor to deliver an incredible one-liter volume of influence (versus the 200 mL typical for most sensors). Most soil sensors that measure this much volume are 20 cm or longer, causing installation headaches. Not only that, you can cut your installation time in half or more when you install with the new Borehole Installation tool. The tool mistake-proofs installation, eliminating common errors that cause uncertainty in the data—like air gaps, or preferential flow.


METER is trusted by

Now you can have everything

We created the TEROS line to eliminate barriers to good accuracy: installation inconsistency, sensor-to-sensor variability, and sensor verification. The TEROS 12 is a long-life, accurate, easy-to-install sensor that combines METER’s legendary technology with an ultra-rugged form and a new calibration procedure to deliver an unbeatable price-to-performance ratio.

With you for the long haul—guaranteed

The culmination of our new TEROS water content line, the TEROS 12 soil moisture, temperature, and electrical conductivity sensor makes your life easier with a large volume of influence, reduced sensor-to-sensor variability, and a near-bulletproof form factor—which lasts up to 10 years in the field. These innovations, along with our well-published capacitance technology, an accuracy verification standard, and a blazing fast installation tool have combined to generate our most accurate, easy-to-use, highly durable—yet still economical—soil moisture sensor. In fact, we’re so confident about the long life of our TEROS sensor line, we’ve increased our standard warranty from one to three years.

Legendary technology—long-lasting performance

Backed by over 20 years of soil moisture research, the TEROS 12 soil moisture sensor combines METER’s trademark 70 MHz circuitry with an extremely ruggedized epoxy fill and securely attached, sharpened stainless steel needles that easily slip into the soil and are resistant to salts, so you can worry less about sensor deterioration. Very low power consumption and a high resolution provide increased precision over a longer period of time.  If you’re planning a long-term large sensor network and want long-lasting performance for less work and less of your research budget, then choose the TEROS 12.

“​​Of all of the soil sensors we tested, the Teros 12 not only provided the most accurate readings, but now in production they have also survived our vigorous process. Outstanding product.”

 - Ruben Rascon, Bayer Crop Science

Feature summary

  • Increased volume of influence (1010 mL)

  • Easy installation with Borehole installation tool (minimizes air gaps for cleaning readings)

  • Dependable, long-life soil moisture sensor

  • Reduced sensor-to-sensor variability

  • 3-year long-life guarantee

  • Check installation or troubleshoot with the ZSC Bluetooth sensor interface

  • Repeatability can be checked with an accuracy verification standard

  • Robust, epoxy body for tough field conditions

  • Minimizes salinity and textural effects by using 70 MHz frequency capacitance technology

  • Steel needles cut through the soil for better soil-sensor contact

  • Easy-to-use SDI-12 communication for non-METER data loggers

  • Ferrite core eliminates cable noise

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