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TEROS 12 downloads

TEROS 11/12 User Manual Manual PDF, 1.1MB
TEROS 11/12 Quick Start Quickstart Guide PDF, 1.4MB
TEROS 11/12 Integrator Guide Integrator Guide PDF, 0.35MB
TEROS Verification Clip Instruction Sheet Quickstart Guide PDF, 1.3MB
TEROS Borehole Installation Tool Assembly Instructions Instructions PDF, 1.8MB
TEROS Borehole Installation Tool Rental Return Instructions Instructions PDF, 1.4MB
CSI Data Logger Example Program for TEROS 12 Instructions URL, 0MB
Soil sensor calibration guide Instructions PDF, 0.6MB
Sensor Wire Splicing Guide (Quick Method) Instructions PDF, 0.9MB
Sensor Wire Splicing Guide (Complete Method) Instructions PDF, 5MB


What are TEROS sensor installation best practices?

See the TEROS sensor installation best practices video here.

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