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TEROS 21 Quick Start Quickstart Guide PDF, 1.4MB
TEROS 21 Manual (Gen 2) Manual PDF, 1.1MB
TEROS 21 Integrator Guide (Gen 2) Integrator Guide PDF, 0.61MB
TEROS 21 Manual (Gen 1) Manual PDF, 1.1MB
TEROS 21 Integrator Guide (Gen 1) Integrator Guide PDF, 0.6MB
Video: How to install TEROS 21 Sensors Instructions URL, 0MB
TEROS 21 Firmware Updater Instructions Firmware PDF, 1MB


Are there water potential case studies for plants and turf available?


There are a lot of case studies about different types of plants, specifically about optimal water potential ranges. There was a paper done by Dr. Sterling Taylor on this topic, and there are also some studies being done by BYU scientists with in situ water release curves in turfgrass. One of our scientists wrote an article (find it here) and gave a webinar (find it here) about some of the turfgrass work being done at BYU.


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