Vacuporter Portable Electric Vacuum

Vacuporter Portable Electric Vacuum

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Easy qualitative analysis of soil water

This affordable portable vacuum has a rugged case and uses a powerful pump and rechargeable battery, which make it easy to collect pore water samples at remote locations. Evacuate your sampling bottle down to approximately 50 kPa. If the soil water tension is lower than 50 kPa, soil water solution will be extracted until vacuum and soil water tension are equalized. When the samples are collected, the bottle is evacuated again. NOTE: The limits of this method include discontinuous and undefined sampling.


Optional sampling bottles 

Soil water sampling bottles made of Duran glass are available in three sizes. In the sampling bottle box,up to 6 sampling bottles can be stored. Bottles are Implosion proof, have plastic coating as chip guard, and a silicon rubber gasketwith two connectors. There is an accessory clip for upright attachment on walls, the lid is covered with isolating material, latches shut the box securely, and the suction tubes are led through sealed fittings on the side of the box.



Max. volume

-85 kPa at 1 bar atm

Max. pressure

4 bar


10 liters / minute

Battery capacity

7 hours operation


30 x 25 x 13 cm


10.6 lbs / 4.8 kg


Soil water extraction methods Manual PDF, 0.59MB

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