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Spend less time on busywork and more time moving the needle. METER hydraulic conductivity solutions are easy-to-use, automated instruments for making more accurate measurements—faster. 

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Field saturated hydraulic conductivity—Why is it so difficult?

Inaccurate saturated hydraulic conductivity (Kfs) measurements are common due to errors in soil-specific alpha estimation and inadequate three-dimensional flow buffering. 
Measurement Insights6 min read

Lab vs. field instruments—why you should use both

Lab and field instruments used together can provide researchers a symphony of information and can be used as powerful tools in understanding data and predicting a soil’s behavior over time.
Measurement Insights9 min read

Even better together—The HYPROP and the KSAT use the same soil core, so you can take saturated and unsaturated hydraulic conductivity measurements AND generate a soil moisture characteristic curve using the same sample—simplifying both processes.



Automated calculation of high-resolution soil moisture release curves and unsaturated hydraulic conductivity—in just days, instead of months.
  • Soil moisture release curves in days, not months
  • Curves with hundreds of points
  • Precise and robust. Easy to handle and flexible.


We think you should spend less time on complex processes and more time being productive. That’s why we automated almost everything in the new SATURO infiltrometer.
  • Measures field saturated hydraulic conductivity
  • Fully automated and portable infiltrometer
  • Capable of unattended measurement


The KSAT is the only easy-to-use automated setup for taking saturated hydraulic conductivity measurements in the lab. Best of all, it’s completely integrated.
  • Simplified saturated hydraulic conductivity in the lab
  • Everything completely integrated. Removes human error.
  • Easy to use & ASTM D2434 compliant


Get a more complete picture of highly variable unsaturated hydraulic conductivity with the infiltrometer that gives you more measurements for less time, less effort, less expertise, and less money.
  • Easy field measurement of unsaturated hydraulic conductivity
  • Compact and simple
  • Reliable. Fast setup.

Soil is complicated, but your life doesn't have to be. Get more out of every field and lab session with our time-saving lab and field instruments. Used together, they can be powerful tools in understanding data and predicting a soil’s behavior over time.

“​​Great quality products and excellent service. I have your equipment in use in California and in the Andes in Colombia. It is all providing great data! The webinars are extremely useful and helped me expand and improve some of my research.

 - Niall McCartin, Ecohydrology researcher, California

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Lab vs. In Situ Soil Water Characteristic Curves—A Comparison

Lab-produced soil water retention curves can be paired with information from in situ moisture release curves for deeper insight into real-world variability.
Webinars20 min watch

Hydraulic Conductivity: How Many Measurements Do You Need?

Researchers are changing the way infiltration measurements are captured while keeping the standards of measurement high.
Webinars41 min watch

Soil Moisture 302: Hydraulic Conductivity—Which Instrument is Right for You?

Leo Rivera, research scientist at METER, teaches which situations require saturated or unsaturated hydraulic conductivity and the pros and cons of common methods.
Webinars47 min watch

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