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Irrigation Management

What if you could instantly determine if and when to water? You can. And not only that, it’s easy. We’ve spent the last 20 years obsessing over how to make irrigation decisions simple for growers. Our world-class sensor system works together with powerful software to turn data into knowledge, so you know exactly what to do and when to act. Plus, it’s easy to deploy and lasts for years in the field.

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The researcher’s complete guide to soil moisture

Everything you need to know about measuring soil moisture—all in one place.
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The Complete Guide to Irrigation Management Using Soil Moisture

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You don’t need more measurements, just more insightful ones. Last year, one grower used METER soil water potential and water content sensors together to reduce his water use by 38%, saving him $13,000 in pumping costs. And that’s not even the best part. His yield increased by 8%, and the disease he typically sees virtually disappeared.


We designed the TEROS 54 soil moisture profile probe to make every step of your measurement process easier—without sacrificing accuracy or durability.
  • Multi-depth profile probe measures water content and temperature
  • Easy plug-and-play operation
  • See all your data remotely in real-time


The all-new TEROS 12 soil moisture sensor delivers an excellent price-to-performance ratio in a device that is easy to use and includes electrical conductivity.
  • Long-life soil moisture, temperature, and EC sensor
  • Increased volume of influence (1010 mL)
  • Robust, epoxy body for tough field conditions


At METER, we think getting your data shouldn’t be complicated or costly. And we think wireless should actually be wireless. That’s why we made the ATMOS 41W.

  • A true wireless weather station ideal for long-term, remote installations
  • Incredible 10-minute installation time
  • Completely solar powered


The world's best all-in-one weather station for atmospheric measurements that doesn't limit you with other sensors.
  • Measures 12 weather variables
  • Designed for continuous deployment in harsh climates
  • Connect to ZL6 for data capture and management


The TEROS 21 matric potential sensor is incredibly easy to use and surprisingly affordable.
  • Full-range soil water potential sensor
  • Accurate. Easy to use. No recalibration.
  • Onboard temperature measurement


Easier, more advanced, and more robust, the ZL6 introduces cloud-based data delivery, Bluetooth® configuration, firmware-over-the-air updates, and integrated metadata.
  • Configure via Bluetooth
  • Stores 80,000+ records
  • Simple setup

Running a growing operation is complicated. You don’t need more complexity from your equipment. Our sensors are plug-and-play, low-maintenance, and ultra-rugged, so labor costs are reduced. And our system is modular, so you can set it up for your exact needs. See everything. Miss nothing. Get the high-quality, real-time irrigation data you need to supercharge your yield, quality, and profit.

Of all of the soil sensors we tested, the TEROS 12 not only provided the most accurate readings, but now in production they have also survived our vigorous process. Outstanding product.”

 - Ruben Rascon, Bayer Crop Science

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How to Improve Irrigation Scheduling Using Soil Moisture

Every irrigator wishes for tools that answer the questions: when do I turn the water on and when do I turn the water off? The challenge is figuring out the right tools and implementing them effectively. 
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Water Management: Plant-Water Relations and Atmospheric Demand

Going by soil moisture data alone? Other strategies, like plant and weather monitoring, can inform water management decisions.
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Soil Moisture: Why Water Content Can’t Tell You Everything You Need to Know

If you’re only measuring water content, you may be blind to what your plants are really experiencing. Dr. Colin Campbell discusses how and why scientists combine both water content and water potential for more accurate insights.
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