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To accurately assess plant stress, you'll need to characterize ALL environmental stressors. And that takes time—which you definitely don't have enough of. That’s why we make time-saving, easy-to-use, measurement solutions to comprehensively assess your plant environment. 

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Determining drought tolerance in plants: Why most people do it wrong. How to do it right.

Water potential is underutilized by plant researchers in abiotic stress studies even though it is the only way to assess true drought conditions when determining drought tolerance in plants. Learn what water potential is and how it can improve the quality of your plant study.
Measurement Insights9 min read

Improve Your Plant Study: 3 Types of Environmental Data You May Be Missing

You may be missing key insights about the true environment of your plant study.  Application expert Holly Lane teaches how to better understand the environment your plants are growing in and the stresses they're exposed to.
Webinars34 min watch

No more wasting time on busywork. ZENTRA is a complete, turnkey system of environmental sensors, loggers, and software that are easily deployed and put near-real-time data at your fingertips—so you can make the right decisions—faster.

SC-1 Leaf Porometer

Quick measurements. Easy-to-use engineering. Low cost in the short and the long run. The SC-1’s breakthrough steady-state technology makes it the best for measuring stomatal conductance.
  • Easy stomatal conductance measurements
  • High speed results (readings in 30 seconds)
  • Straightforward calibration and no moving parts


The LP-80 is a highly accurate way to determine canopy growth and canopy light interception (PAR and LAI), along with calculating fractional interception and crop coefficient.
  • Measures canopy PAR
  • Automatically calculates Leaf Area Index in real-time
  • Above-canopy sensor enables simultaneous above- and below-canopy PAR measurements

NDVI Sensor

Apogee NDVI sensors combine an ultra-rugged form with sophisticated cloud data delivery for an unbeatable price-to-performance ratio.
  • Continuously monitor NDVI remotely
  • Built for long-term exposure to the elements
  • Easy to use and low cost


The world's best all-in-one weather station for atmospheric measurements that doesn't limit you with other sensors.
  • Measures 12 weather variables
  • Designed for continuous deployment in harsh climates
  • Connect to ZL6 for data capture and management


At METER, we think getting your data shouldn’t be complicated or costly. And we think wireless should actually be wireless. That’s why we made the ATMOS 41W.

  • A true wireless weather station ideal for long-term, remote installations
  • Incredible 10-minute installation time
  • Completely solar powered


The all-new TEROS 12 soil moisture sensor delivers an excellent price-to-performance ratio in a device that is easy to use and includes electrical conductivity.
  • Long-life soil moisture, temperature, and EC sensor
  • Increased volume of influence (1010 mL)
  • Robust, epoxy body for tough field conditions

Spend less time maintaining data and more time analyzing it. ZENTRA Cloud and the ZL6 data logger aggregate all your data in one easy place, automatically graphing them in near-real time. ZENTRA Cloud does all the data legwork, with minimal effort, so you don’t have to.

“​​Of all of the soil sensors we tested, the TEROS 12 not only provided the most accurate readings, but now in production they have also survived our vigorous process. Outstanding product!

 - Ruben Rascon, Bayer Crop Science

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We're scientists. The quest for knowledge is in our blood. We've spent decades learning the best way to measure pretty much everything, so you can access a wealth of information.

Leaf Area Index (LAI): Theory, Measurement, & Application

How to use PRI and NDVI to monitor environmental conditions that adversely affect plant growth.
Webinars52 min watch

NDVI & PRI–Measurement Theory, Methods, and Applications

Master the basics of NDVI and PRI.
Webinars64 min watch

Soil Moisture 101: Need-to-Know Basics

Soil moisture is more than just knowing the amount of water in soil. Learn basic principles you need to know before deciding how to measure it.
Webinars30 min watch

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