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Broaden your systems offerings without long and expensive R&D. We’ve done all the tedious work for you. Get soil moisture, temperature, water depth, and more to complete your environmental solutions. ZENTRA is a complete suite of accurate, SDI-12-compatible environmental sensors that are easily integrated into other systems.

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Revolutionizing Soil Moisture—A New Holistic Approach for Higher Accuracy

With the TEROS 12, we’ve not only improved our sensor, we’ve also turned our attention to broader issues that are likely to confound soil moisture data.
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VIDEO: TEROS soil moisture sensor installation best practices

Learn best practices for a borehole soil moisture sensor installation using the TEROS Borehole Installation Tool and TEROS Soil Moisture Sensors. 
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Propel your business forward—faster. All ZENTRA research-grade sensors are affordable, simple to install, and require almost no maintenance, 
so you can get more for less, and focus on what you love.

Forget the extra cost and hassle of replacement sensors. We’re so confident about the long life of our TEROS water content sensors, we’ve increased our warranty. Make long-term, large sensor networks simpler, longer-lasting, and more affordable with ultra-dependable METER sensors.


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We want you to be wicked good at what you do. Discover an entire library of articles that teach the science behind the measurements, so you can sharpen your expertise.

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Soil moisture sensors—How they work. Why some are not research-grade.

TDR, FDR, capacitance, resistance: A comparison of common soil moisture sensing methods, their pros and cons, and their unique applications.
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Which soil sensor is perfect for you?

Among the thousands of peer-reviewed publications using METER soil sensors, no type emerges as the favorite. Thus sensor choice should be based on your needs and application. Use these considerations to help identify the perfect sensor for your research.
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Soil Moisture 101: Need-to-Know Basics

Soil moisture is more than just knowing the amount of water in soil. Learn basic principles you need to know before deciding how to measure it.
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“​​One of the extraordinary things about working with (METER) was the extent to which they were receptive to a challenge. I could say, we're trying to figure out how we interpret permittivity data in a pathologically dry soil. And a week later, a model would come back...the response was—we know how to do that.

 - Dr. Michael Hecht, NASA JPL

Extend your offering. Get an overview of our latest products and enter the world of easy-to-use sensors.


The all-new TEROS 12 soil moisture sensor delivers an excellent price-to-performance ratio in a device that is easy to use and includes electrical conductivity.
  • Long-life soil moisture, temperature, and EC sensor
  • Increased volume of influence (1010 mL)
  • Robust, epoxy body for tough field conditions


We designed the TEROS 54 soil moisture profile probe to make every step of your measurement process easier—without sacrificing accuracy or durability.
  • Multi-depth profile probe measures water content and temperature
  • Easy plug-and-play operation
  • See all your data remotely in real-time


At METER, we think getting your data shouldn’t be complicated or costly. And we think wireless should actually be wireless. That’s why we made the ATMOS 41W.

  • A true wireless weather station ideal for long-term, remote installations
  • Incredible 10-minute installation time
  • Completely solar powered


The world's best all-in-one weather station for atmospheric measurements that doesn't limit you with other sensors.
  • Measures 12 weather variables
  • Designed for continuous deployment in harsh climates
  • Connect to ZL6 for data capture and management


The ATMOS 14 will rapidly and reliably measure air temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure, and vapor pressure, making benchmarking quick and hassle free.
  • Four measurements in one sensor
  • Collect data remotely when used with the ZL6 data logger
  • Fast response
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Soil Moisture 102: Water Content Methods–Demystified

Dr. Colin Campbell compares measurement theory, the pros and cons of each method, and why modern sensing is about more than just the sensor.

We're scientists. The quest for knowledge is in our blood. We've spent decades learning the best way to measure pretty much everything, so you can access a wealth of information.

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Soil moisture: why installation is everything

You can improve the quality of your data and lessen the need to search for errors with smarter sensor installation techniques.
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7 Weather Station Installation Mistakes to Avoid

Dr. Doug Cobos discusses insider tips and best practices that will improve your accuracy and save you time, effort, and future headaches.
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SDI-12 Sensor Network Best Practices

Learn what an SDI-12 network does, pros/cons, how to design and build your own sensor bus, and troubleshooting.
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