PRI—Why You Should Measure It

Learn the basics of the Photochemical Reflectance Index (PRI).

In this webinar, Dr. John Gammon gives an introduction to PRI and what it can tell researchers about xanthophyll cycle activity, carotenoid: chlorophyll pigment ratios, light-use efficiency, and plant stress. He also discusses remote sensing of PRI.

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Our scientists have decades of experience helping researchers and growers measure the soil-plant-atmosphere continuum. 


Dr. John Gammon, University of Alberta

NDVI & PRI–Measurement Theory, Methods, and Applications

Master the basics of NDVI and PRI.
Webinars64 min watch

Using PRI to Monitor Crop Stress

How to use PRI and NDVI to monitor environmental conditions that adversely affect plant growth.
Webinars38 min watch

Getting More From Your NDVI Sensor

Learn how NDVI is being used in current research and demonstrates how to overcome some of the NDVI’s limitations. 
Webinars25 min watch

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