Revolutionizing Soil Moisture—A New Holistic Approach for Higher Accuracy

With the TEROS 12, we’ve not only improved our sensor, we’ve also turned our attention to broader issues that are likely to confound soil moisture data.

Why sensor accuracy is not enough

Errors in soil moisture data cost scientists hours of wasted time sifting through datasets trying to figure out what is real and what is installation error. We’ve spent the past 20 years focusing on the accuracy of the sensor itself. With the TEROS 12, we’ve not only improved our sensor, we’ve also turned our attention to broader issues that are likely to confound soil moisture sensor data—things like sensor-to-sensor variability, volume of influence, air gaps, and preferential flow.

Learn about:

  • TEROS 12 data consistency and response to wetting fronts
  • How the new calibration procedure works to minimize sensor-to-sensor variability
  • How the installation tool reduces air gaps and site disturbance while improving consistency
  • What to expect during an installation

Next steps


Our scientists have decades of experience helping researchers and growers measure the soil-plant-atmosphere continuum. 


Leo Rivera is a Research Scientist with METER Environment, the world leader in soil moisture measurement. He specializes in vadose zone hydrology and measurement techniques and has over 10 years of experience helping researchers measure the soil-plant-atmosphere continuum.

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