More data and fewer resources mean you need help to get your data to a place you can use. ZENTRA Cloud works together with the ZL6 to start the analysis process for you. It aggregates all your data in one easy place and automatically graphs it, in near-real time.

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NEAR-REAL-TIME DATA, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE. Use ZENTRA Cloud to see and analyze your data in near-real time from wherever you are.

A research partner as committed as you are

Now, see important trending information as it happens, instead of having to comb through imported spreadsheets. Near-real-time visualization of several different data streams means you can easily check on—and share—current site conditions, such as recharge from the last rain event or plant available water. Pull near-real-time data up at a conference to illustrate a point, or share current data with your students to teach them how to model evapotranspiration.

ZENTRA Cloud does all the data legwork, with minimal effort, so you and your students can spend less time collecting data and more time publishing it.

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Connect everything. Miss nothing.

ZENTRA Cloud and the ZL6 data logger work together to simplify your ability to visualize, manage, and share measurements from up to six different types of sensors. With METER’s multi-parameter sensors, you can potentially visualize dozens of different near-real-time measurements at once. Add more ZL6’s to your site, and you can track even more measurements. Remote data management means you can reconfigure sensors while sitting at your desk. Use the GPS mapping feature to illustrate to a colleague or a class how a site is configured. And simplified sharing of near-real-time data makes it easier for your colleagues or students to see exactly what you see, when you want to see it.

A platform built for researchers

Customized graph viewing, remote sensor configuration, tool tips, easy data sharing, and automatic battery alerts. Built around your workflow and your needs, ZENTRA Cloud doesn’t try to serve everyone.

That means, more responsiveness to scientific problems, and relevant features like custom calibrations that you can’t find in other software solutions.

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Real-time data—wherever, whenever

Real time means you can see your data the same hour it happens, which increases your ability to see important trending information and share it with collaborators. Discuss research site needs, performance, and ideas with a colleague, all while looking at the same graph. ZENTRA cloud makes it easy with automated graphing of your data as it happens. And you can access your data from wherever you are, whether you’re at a conference, a classroom, or behind your own desk.

The power to see your data differently. ZENTRA Cloud lets you visualize your data in different ways so you can accelerate your insights or make informed decisions, such determining the evaporative demand for your field

For example, seeing NDVI data in near-real time for canopy interception may help you understand when it’s time to make leaf area index measurements or apply some foliar fertilizer.

Graphing of near-real-time data at different time scales and sensor resolutions, customized calibrations, summary statistics, and more, let you view the data the way you want and make it easier to think outside the box. In addition, you can analyze your site configuration and how it relates to the data with GPS mapping.

Be a data visionary

Automated tool tips allow you to see what the value of a parameter is at a certain time point, so you can make comparisons quickly. One researcher uses tool tips to count lightning strikes every quarter hour so he can analyze how they relate to precipitation. With tool tips you can look at site behaviors today compared to all of last year, or show your class what current soil moisture data look like. To investigate your data further, simply click the download button.

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See both the forest and the trees ZENTRA Cloud uses the ZL6’s six sensor ports to enable you to visualize many measurements at once.

Plug in three TEROS 12 sensors to get soil moisture, temperature, and electrical conductivity at three different depths.

Add an ATMOS 41 weather station to correlate 10 different weather parameters with soil moisture.

ZENTRA Cloud field app

Download the ZENTRA Cloud Field App for easy access to charts, latest readings, device status, and notifications when you're out in the field.

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ZENTRA Cloud lets you manage your data loggers, fix setup errors, and reconfigure sensors remotely, from the comfort of your office, eliminating unnecessary field visits and wasted time.

Automatic firmware over the air means you never have to wonder if your logger has the latest operating system.

You can even use ZENTRA Cloud to make sure your technician completed all the necessary field tasks correctly. Spend less time maintaining your data and more time doing what you love.

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Staffing changes over time. Cloud data doesn’t. If a grad student leaves your program, you no longer need to worry that the data will go with them. ZENTRA Cloud provides a simple place for all the data to be stored over the longevity of your research, making searching for lost data files on individual computers a thing of the past.

Automatically record important metadata.

The ZL6 automatically records important metadata, such as sensor type, serial number, firmware version, and logger location and saves it to the cloud. That metadata, along with user-input metadata such as sensor depth and sensor height, become permanent parts of your data record, which will never be lost.


Environmental modeling made easy

Customized graph viewing, remote sensor configuration, tool tips, easy data sharing, and automatic battery alerts. Built around your workflow and your needs, ZENTRA Cloud doesn’t try to serve everyone.

That means, more responsiveness to scientific problems, and relevant features like custom calibrations that you can’t find in other software.

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Light speed collaboration

ZENTRA Cloud’s simple and secure data sharing capabilities let you and your collaborators see the stories unfold at the exact same time. No more emailing data files back and forth, unsuccessfully trying to communicate what’s happening after the fact. Talk over site issues with collaborators while looking at the same problems in near-real time, or share current data with attendees after a presentation.

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Rocket past complexity

Data sharing has never been this easy. Enter an email, and send an invitation. Bam. Your research partners can instantly see what you see.

No more limits

Every collaborator can review and manipulate the data in the way they want, whether it’s in map format, short graphs, a list, or downloading to data-analysis packages. And, all units and ranges on the graphs are specific to each viewer.


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