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Your ally in the battle for better products. Great quality analysis brings the clarity you need to slash waste, protect profits, and end rework forever. It delivers precise, undeniable data to back up every decision. The bottom line: It makes your QA team more valuable than ever before.

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Find the right AQUALAB device for your needs. When it comes to measuring water activity and moisture content, readings don’t get faster or more precise. 


Fast. Precise. Reliable. Meet the renowned instrument that brought water activity to the business world.
  • aw in <5 min.
  • Highly compliant + compatible
  • Secure data storage
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Make detailed moisture maps to predict, understand, and control moisture’s effects. High-resolution moisture sorption isotherms for shelf life prediction.
  • Isotherms in <48 hours
  • 200+ data points / isotherm
  • 5 min. test setup
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Modernize moisture content analysis with ROS 1’s automated workflow and keen precision for food manufacturers.
  • Reference method MC
  • 9 samples, automated
  • Sample agnostic, no programs
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Drive your company's total moisture performance. Food manufacturers use METER Food and AQUALAB solutions to diagnose and conquer their moisture-related challenges. 

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AQUALAB products and solutions tailored to your needs, whether you work in a lab, on the line, or in an office. See how we can make your job easier.

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Reduce drying times & save moneyDiscover Skala

Moisture in food processing often spells trouble. Poor moisture control can slow production, kill yields and damage products. It all adds up—and bleeds company profitability. That's where SKALA comes in.

reduction in moisture variance
payback time

Too dry costs extra time and energy – and causes yield and revenue to plummet. Not dry enough, and you get microbes, unpleasant textures and unhappy customers. 

Water in Food podcast

Every year, food manufacturers spend billions of dollars to move water in and out of their products. Meet the food scientist on a mission to understand how that process could be improved.

Episode 22: Hostess Brands

Dr. Allen works in a fast-paced environment and is always looking for new solutions and technologies to improve her team’s R&D processes. In this episode we will be learning about how she is using this data to save time and make predictions about new products.
Podcast29 minutes

Episode 17: "Mr. Lactose," Kent Keller

Today I'm joined by Kent Keller of Keller Technologies, Inc. A lactose specialist, Kent has educated people and companies about lactose for over 40 years. Let's hear what Kent has to say on Water In Food.
Podcast31 minutes

Episode 8: Arkopharma (Water in Pharmaceuticals)

In this episode, we slightly bend the definition of “food” to learn about water in pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals, joined by Fabienne of Arkopharma Laboratories.
Podcast23 minutes

Episode 14: Edesia Nutrition

Edesia's story and mission are quite extraordinary. They've played a major role in reducing hunger and malnutrition around the world, and their understanding of water has played a major role in the success of their products.
Podcast28 minutes