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Hampshire Pet Products
Complex pet treats made simple.

With the help of SKALA and AQUALAB, Hampshire reduced scrap, increased yield, and ensured that their customers get perfectly consistent products every time.
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Sunrise Fresh
From top readings to top-selling on Amazon.

Sunrise Fresh used the power of precision water activity to tighten spec, improve quality, and become the #1 dried cherry seller on Amazon.
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Optimizing natural sweeteners with Arboreal Bioinnovations

Research into Stevia and how best to use it gives Arboreal a competitive advantage in the alternative sweeteners industry.
Customer Stories5 min read

How Arkopharma improves shelf life in plant-based supplements

Arkopharma is Europe’s leading provider of plant-based supplements. Accurate water activity measurements help them ensure that doesn’t change.
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Tillamook Country Smoker’s perfect jerky and automated processes

Tillamook was born in a backyard smokehouse in the 1960s. Even with extreme growth, TCS has remained committed to producing the most authentic beef jerky on the market.
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New research on pathogens in low-moisture foods is coming soon

Consumers and government entities expect commercially prepared foods to be safe. Accurate water activity measurements are helping ensure they are.
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Data-driven decisions at Kemin Industries R&D

When Gregg Schieffer decided as a university student to become a chemist, he signed up to take all the chemistry courses he could. He had no idea that he would end up working as a food scientist, working specifically with pet food.
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Beyond bars: Product innovation and food safety at Clif Bar & Company

Shaunti Luce is Senior Innovation and Technology Manager at Clif Bar & Company. Her role on the food safety and quality assurance team gives her unique insight into food safety, production processes and innovation at Clif.
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How Hostess takes products from formulation to final product

Dr. Vivian Allen is a senior research scientist in product development at Hostess Brands. From new product conception to commercialization, Dr. Allen works in a fast-paced environment, and is always looking for new solutions and technologies to improve her team’s R&D processes.
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"Mr. Lactose" talks water activity and lactose monohydrate

Kent Keller has been upgrading and educating the lactose industry for 40+ years. He stopped by to educate us, too – here's what we learned.
Customer Stories3 min read

Reducing food waste with Outcast Foods

Cosmetic blemishes cause too much otherwise-excellent fruit to go to waste. Outcast foods is on a mission to give atypical produce a second life.
Customer Stories4 min read
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