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Water activity for food safety and quality

Water activity is the leading parameter for food quality and safety by controlling microbial growth, prevent caking and clumping, determine shelf life, and plenty more.
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Measuring moisture content: It’s more complicated than you think

Moisture content is simple in theory – but in reality, it's almost impossible to obtain an accurate, repeatable MC measurement. Here’s why.
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Managing moisture variability in dried fruits and nuts

Fruits and nuts appeal to consumers, who love seeing familiar foods on ingredient lists. But working with natural products can be tricky.
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Examining powder problems: Physical, chemical & microbial stability

Most people intuitively know what a powder is. They’re everywhere. We interact with them daily. But with so many different categories of powder – spices, ingredients, cosmetics, pharmaceutical excipients and APIs, and countless others – it can be tough to define and resolve specific issues.
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How to optimize food drying, baking or dehydrating

Most food companies know they could optimize their drying processes to some degree. But almost all of them underestimate what they’d gain by doing so – and what they lose by ignoring problems.
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Dynamic Vapor Sorption 101: What, why and how?

The water in food and pharma products impacts how they’re used, when they degrade, and more. Moisture can’t be safely ignored – so how can its impact be measured and accounted for?
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Which moisture balance is perfect for you?

Trying to pick the perfect moisture balance out of the many options? It can be daunting to choose the best moisture analyzer model for your food industry application.
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What is a moisture analyzer? How do balances, ovens, titrations and NIR compare?

There are several types of MC measurement instruments. Each type uses a different measurement method, and each method has its strengths and weaknesses. Let's break it down.
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Moisture content vs water activity: Choosing the right measurement

Moisture content and water activity have to do with water, but the distinction isn’t always clear. Is one better than the other? Fortunately, it doesn't have to be complicated. Learn why to measure moisture content and water activity.
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Water activity USP 922 standard in pharma

With water activity’s greater popularity in pharmaceutical has come new regulations and standards. The latest related standard—US Pharmacopeia (USP) General Chapter <922> “Water Activity”—has been finalized was published in May 2021.
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DVS moisture sorption isotherms and food stability

An isotherm is a graph that maps the relationship between moisture content and water activity. Every food manufacturer needs the insights isotherms deliver – here's why.
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