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Why Powders Misbehave

Caking, clumping, solidifying in storage, sticking to machinery — if you work with powders, you’ve seen the obvious messes and misbehaviors
Webinars5 min watch

Substituting sugar: Pros and cons of 5 top alternative sweeteners

Demand for healthier snacks and treats continues to grow. Innovative new sweeteners abound. But in the scramble to develop the next great clean-label snack, food companies are finding that each sugar substitute comes with a special set of challenges.
Webinars46 min watch

Natural ingredients 101: Moisture in dried fruit & nuts

Natural ingredients can be unreliable and unpredictable. But skyrocketing demand for clean labels and familiar ingredients can’t be ignored – so what’s a food manufacturer to do?
Webinars30 min watch

Water Activity in Animal Feed

Correctly managing moisture in animal feed is a game-changer. Not only can improving moisture processes lead to safer and more consistent products, but doing so can also produce an impressive financial impact. This webinar examines the key to moisture control success: water activity.
Webinars30 min watch

5 costly drying process mistakes and how to avoid them

Baking, dehydrating, smoking, drying, curing. Whatever you call it, it comes down to the same thing: Removing water. Most food companies do it – but doing it precisely and consistently isn’t easy.
Webinars30 min watch

Measuring moisture content in food and supplements

Of all the moisture content measurement methods, how do you choose the right one? And how do you get consistent, precise results once you have? It can be overwhelming, but getting it right pays dividends.
Webinars44 min watch

Understanding isotherms: What vapor sorption can and can’t tell you

Moisture content and water activity. Each has its assigned roles and responsibilities. They’re often used separately, and for very different purposes. But can they work together?
Webinars40 min watch

Market Snapshot: Jerky. Rating the top brands

We did a battery of tests on the top 12 jerky brands. Get insider insight into how their water activity levels, pH, moisture content, overpack and underpack ratings compare.
Webinars29 min watch

Water Activity 102: Microbial Growth

Watch Mary Galloway, head of METER Group’s R&D lab, explain how to apply water activity and related principles for maximum effectiveness and risk prevention.
Webinars39 min watch
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