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Optimizing natural sweeteners with Arboreal Bioinnovations

Research into Stevia and how best to use it gives Arboreal a competitive advantage in the alternative sweeteners industry.
Customer Stories5 min read

How Arkopharma improves shelf life in plant-based supplements

Arkopharma is Europe’s leading provider of plant-based supplements. Accurate water activity measurements help them ensure that doesn’t change.
Customer Stories3 min read

Tillamook Country Smoker’s perfect jerky and automated processes

Tillamook was born in a backyard smokehouse in the 1960s. Even with extreme growth, TCS has remained committed to producing the most authentic beef jerky on the market.
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New research on pathogens in low-moisture foods is coming soon

Consumers and government entities expect commercially prepared foods to be safe. Accurate water activity measurements are helping ensure they are.
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Introduction to water activity (aw): The beginner's guide to water activity's role in food production

Water activity (aw) is directly related to the microbial susceptibility of food products and is correlated with many of the reactions that end shelf life in foods. Learn why water activity measurements in food are so powerful.
Education guides4 min read

The food manufacturer's step-by-step guide to lowering water activity with humectants

There are countless humectants on the market, and many ways to use them profitably — but which one is right for you, and how should you put it to work?
Education guides5 min read

The beginner's guide to measuring yield and waste in food manufacturing

Understanding and eliminating waste is a powerful way to boost profits – but where to start? We recommend exploring these seven common methods for waste reduction.
Education guides8 min read

The beginner’s guide to shelf life stability and packaging

These seven steps (and several examples) will help you figure out the exact packaging your product needs for maximum quality and profit.
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Measuring moisture content: It’s more complicated than you think

Moisture content is simple in theory – but in reality, it's almost impossible to obtain an accurate, repeatable MC measurement. Here’s why.
Expertise library4 min read

Calculating the change in energy for food scientists

A change in energy comes with a change in vapor pressure. Let's break down how the first law of thermodynamics can help calculate the amount of change.
Expertise library3 min read

Government regulations recommend water activity measurements in food

FDA, USDA, USP, AOAC, ICH, ISO, Eudralex – regulatory bodies around the globe require the use of water activity. We've compiled a complete regulation reference list.
Expertise library3 min read

How water activity and pH work together to control microbial growth

Using both pH and aW controls microbes more effectively than just one or the other. Here's how food manufacturers can use hurdle technology to improve formulations.
Expertise library4 min read

Every industry has its quirks. That's why well-researched application notes are essential. See how water activity can fit into your business with our Market Insights.

Water activity in candy and confectionery

Getting the moisture measurement and water activity right is critical for nearly every candy, chocolate or confectionery product.
Market insights3 min read

Water activity in snack foods

Many snack foods are famous for their texture, which is determined by water activity – not moisture content. Learn how to maximize shelf life and perfect flavor and texture.
Market insights3 min read

Water activity and seeds

Moisture measurements are critical to seed storage. Storing at the correct relative humidity minimizes enzymatic activity, prevents fungal growth and maintains viability.
Market insights2 min read

Water activity and shelf-stable meat products

Water activity. If you’re making shelf-stable meat, you’re required to measure it. But you can also profit from measuring it, and this guide will show you how.
Market insights6 min read

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Water Activity 201: Specifications and Shelf Life

Step one is learning that water activity measurements are key to making shelf life predictions. Step two is learning how to do it yourself.
Webinars62 min watch

Water Activity 301: Water Activity and Physical Properties

Join Dr. Brady Carter for a more in-depth look at how to interpret moisture sorption isotherms and determine when physical changes will end shelf life.
Webinars63 min watch

Predict Packaging Performance

Packaging can make or break your product’s shelf life – and your budget. Fortunately, it isn’t difficult or overly expensive to learn how to choose the perfect package.
Webinars51 min watch

Understanding the Effects of Water on Thermal Inactivation of Salmonella in Low Moisture Food Systems

Learn from two esteemed food science and engineering professors as they discuss the intricacies of defending against salmonella in low-moisture pasteurization processes.
Webinars34 min watch