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Complete moisture sorption isotherm analysis

Critical moisture information

Solve your most pressing problems with high-resolution moisture sorption isotherms. Determine shelf life, choose packaging, erase caking and clumping, and much, much more.

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Precision in every point.

Newer DVS (Dynamic Vapor Sorption) methods are fast – but expensive and less data-driven. Old school isotherm creation requires acres of desiccators and months of manual data collection. AQUALAB VSA delivers both DVS isotherms and truly dynamic high-resolution DDI isotherm curves – with hundreds of points, instead of just five or six. All within 48 hours. Solve problems like caking and clumping, matching the excipient to the API, and choosing correct packaging.


hour isotherms

Higher resolution, less time.

The VSA’s groundbreaking design uses a fast water activity sensor combined with a very precise scale to create isotherm graphs dynamically. It passes humidified air over samples and measures both weight and water activity simultaneously. It then creates sorption and desorption isotherm curves with hundreds of points, instead of just five or six. And it does so in only a couple of days (approximately 48 hours), instead of a couple of months.


data points per isotherm  
How it works

The AQUALAB VSA delivers fast, high-resolution graphs that change the way you understand your product and DVS isotherm interpretation. Dual testing modes and sophisticated modeling software turn your data into the solutions you need to manufacture, monitor, store, and ship a great product.

Double the insight

While average instruments only use the DVS method, Aqualab VSA delivers DVS isotherms plus DDI isotherm curves. DDI curves make never-before-seen details visible in your product and allow more precise formulation, more accurate predictions, and more complete product knowledge.

Moisture Analysis Toolkit

The VSA comes with intuitive, full-featured modeling software. The Moisture Analysis Toolkit helps you turn your data into solutions using research-tested predictive models. It's every model you need in one place, in a simple-to-use program.

Feature summary

  • 5 minute test setup

  • Automatic data recording and delivery

  • Match or outdo other systems at 50-80% of the cost
  • Full-featured DVS and high resolution DDI isotherm creation and analysis to help you:

    • Identify critical moisture ranges with high resolution DDI isotherms

    • Study sorption kinetics with DVS isotherms

    • Identify critical humidity for glass transition

    • Determine shelf life

    • Evaluate packaging performance

    • Determine hygroscopicity

    • Track hysteresis

    • Predict coating breakdown

    • Find susceptibility to caking/clumping
VSA ships with
  • Quick Start Guide

  • Calibration certificate / SDS certificates

  • Power cord

  • USB interface cable

  • Two stainless steel sample cups

  • Three refillable desiccant tubes 

  • Cleaning kit 

  • Two water bottles 

  • Three vials of verification standards

  • Moisture Analysis Toolkit Software Package with Registration Key 

  • One 2 g NIST traceable weight

  • Tweezers


Delivery time:  usually ships within 2 business days

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