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Moisture analyzer for food


Moisture content analysis creates more problems than it solves. Titration calls for a chemistry degree and a closet full of chemicals. Ovens require hours of waiting and hands-on work. Halogen balances either burn samples and give quick, dirty data — or use gentle drying and take just as long as an oven. 


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Meet the safer, simpler method.

The ROS 1 Moisture Analyzer determines moisture content from nine food samples in 40 minutes with reference-method precision. 

It vaporizes moisture by conducting heat directly into the samples. As they dry, they're cycled across a highly accurate scale. Throughout the process, the ROS 1 records temperature, weight and time, then generates a precise drying curve for each sample.


samples at once

Moisture balance speed, reference method precision.

By-the-book oven methods require hours of repetitive labor – sample in, sample out, weigh sample, repeat, repeat, repeat. You can’t step away for more than a few minutes at a time. It takes hours. The ROS 1 helps you meet regulations while automating the monotony, freeing scientists and techs to do more profitable work.


MC readability  

Not hotter, just smarter. The ROS 1 sidesteps all of the downsides of "fast moisture" and quick drying programs with continuous sample monitoring and a patented predictive drying algorithm. 


No spilled samples or fat fingered data.

ROS 1 and its companion app, Bridge, eliminate the time-consuming work and long experience needed to collect precise MC data. There’s no need to record or weigh anything. Interaction with samples is minimal. The machine does the work. 


Insights that moisture balances and ovens can’t detect.

Where moisture balances burn samples under imprecise halogen bulbs, the ROS 1 gently heats the sample itself, not the chamber. That means the ROS 1 moisture analyzer for food offers the exact temperatures of a drying oven paired with automated, accurate weighing and remarkable speed. 

Any sample, always accurate

92% of the top 100 food companies use METER devices. Throughout formulation, production and QA — from raw ingredients to final product and anything between.

Efficient, human-centric design 

METER’s easy-to-use and beautiful products win design awards across the globe. Device training is simple, operation is intuitive, and the resulting productivity gains are invaluable.

In the lead for 40 years

Since our founding in 1983, we’ve stayed laser-focused on moisture management science – and built the industry’s largest body of expertise on the topic.

Quick ROI

Reliably accurate moisture measurements allow tighter process controls, saving you money on energy bills, reducing risk, preventing rework and maximizing yield.

Feature summary

Conform with AOAC, ASTM, ISO — Dry to a constant weight or enter a time and temperature for your test

No method development —Patented software and breakthrough algorithms make the ROS 1 completely sample agnostic

Automate busywork — ROS 1 tracks and graphs sample weight, temperature and test time

Rapid testing, high throughput — Measure up to nine samples at once in 40 minutes or less – about four minutes per sample

Simple operation — Included Bridge desktop app makes taking readings and exporting results quick and intuitive

Precise results — High-grade integrated scale, exact temperature control and patented vapor pressure correction software ensure quality readings

Highly repeatable — Consistent and exact control of each relevant parameter 

Auto dry-detection — As evaporation slows, the ROS 1 weighs samples more and more frequently, then stops precisely when the sample is dry


ROS 1 ships with
  • Certificate of calibration (factory temperature)

  • Power cord

  • METER USB A to USB A cable

  • 100 sample cups

  • Filter papers

  • 2.0000-g NIST traceable standard weight

  • USB drive with ROS 1 Bridge app


Delivery time:  usually ships within 2 business days

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