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Modular food factory optimization and automation

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Everyone benefits from SKALA. SKALA software helps food manufacturers – plant managers, quality assurance teams, continuous improvement leaders, or any other role – optimize processes, increase efficiency, and boost product quality in the ways that work best for them.

Streamline and optimize any discipline

With four different modules available, you’re free to focus only on one specific area – or adopt the whole platform and see factory-wide gains.
SKALA plays nice with nearly all PLC, SCADA, DCS, or process control systems on the market, so it’s easy to implement, doesn’t require massive up-front investment, and delivers ROI within a few months.

SKALA isn’t cookie-cutter enterprise software with food words pasted in. It’s built for food manufacturers. That means more effectiveness, smarter support, and key features for food-specific problems – features you won’t find in frustrating “software solutions.”

Trusted by the world’s leading food manufacturers


SKALA Production

Link your production equipment to SKALA to generate real-time dashboards, optimize processes, and maximize revenue.


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SKALA Quality

Turn siloed QA data into instant reports, dashboards, and audit records by linking SKALA to your current sensors and equipment.


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Nail product spec effortlessly with SKALA’s self-optimizing process control for batch ovens, continuous lines, and other industrial dryers.


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SKALA Essential

Empower your devices to measure both moisture content and water activity in just 60 seconds.


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Your current setup has more potential than you realize

Significant gains in yield and quality don’t require a new factory or a complete retrofit.
SKALA optimizes what you already have with future-forward, food-specific machine learning and smart design. It’s easy to link standalone instruments, production machines, manual processes, and more – no matter how old they are or who made them.

Up and running in no time

Installing SKALA is quick, contained, and minimally invasive. There are no new workflows, no new data collection — SKALA software is all about hands-off, low maintenance productivity gains.

“With SKALA we learned we had issues in areas we thoought we were doing really well....we were missing a lot of opportunities.”

Todd Dunlop, Director of Quality Assurance and R&D

/ Hampshire Pet Products

A world-class team to back you up. METER Group’s PhD-level scientists, seasoned process control engineers, network engineers and professional services integrators work with every SKALA client to guarantee a successful implementation.

Food is our jam

METER Group devices are used and loved in R&D labs, on production floors and by QA teams at more than 90 of the world’s top 100 food companies.
Every device and software product is born from 40+ years experience in leading the food industry and a deep understanding of the scientific principles at play.

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