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SKALA Essential

Empower your devices to measure both moisture content and water activity in just 60 seconds.

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Miraculously fast moisture measurements. Water in food impacts quality, yield, compliance and more – with moisture involved in so many crucial processes, who can afford to keep using the inefficient, imprecise methods of yesteryear?

Speed for the line, precision for the lab

Whether your goal is tighter spec, higher yield, or better quality, fast and precise moisture content and water activity measurements can be a significant advantage.
With the right device, SKALA’s predictive AI can unlock unprecedented measurement speed and accuracy. That means you can analyze the water in your product in just 60 seconds, with 10x the precision of a moisture balance.

Only one moisture analyzer can keep up with SKALA

AQUALAB 3 is the brawn to go with SKALA Essential’s brains – an advanced analysis instrument built to harness SKALA’s powerful AI and machine learning software.
Using the AQUALAB 3 is dead simple: Insert sample, close the drawer, twist the knob. That’s all it takes to get prompt, precise moisture analysis for liquid, solid, or paste samples – even volatile ones.

“Using the AQUALAB ... we can save 20 minutes per sample. If we have 10 samples, that’s 200 minutes saved. We can save a lot of time.”

Dr. Vivian Allen
Senior Research Scientist | Hostess Brands

Power Couple

Moisture balances just can’t compete. With SKALA Essential and AQUALAB 3, you can measure moisture content in just 60 seconds – at 10x the precision of a moisture balance. It’s that simple.

Forget QA delays and rework. SKALA predictive AI enables rapid, reliable, repeatable measurements so you can draw conclusions and take action faster than ever.

Improve yields, shrink safety margins. Precise, reliable moisture content readings allow you to run with tighter moisture specs. Boost your yields and reduce the need for big safety margins.

How does it work?

SKALA’s speed requires two things: METER Group’s proprietary moisture modeling and SKALA’s powerful predictive AI. Bringing the two together in your facility is remarkably easy.
Since every product is different and precision means everything, METER doesn’t use generic, industry-average modeling. When you sign up for SKALA, our lab scientists will find (or create) the perfect models for your application, then load them into SKALA just for you – no effort required on your part.

SKALA collects and stores all the data for you. Automatically. Digital readings come directly from the instrument, and the readings are tagged to all the metadata you need. Use it for SPC in real time – or pull it up later to prove compliance and impress auditors.

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