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SKALA Production

Link your production equipment to SKALA to generate real-time dashboards, optimize processes, and maximize revenue.

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Automatic data collection. Real-time analysis. Immediate gains. SKALA empowers production workers to own quality and efficiency goals with in-line data visualization tools. Current batch or continuous line data is fed through SKALA and presented on a dashboard optimized for technicians.

Getting it right can feel nearly impossible

Approximate moisture calculations, unnecessary drying, sampling, rework can seem negligible on a daily basis, but the time and energy spent adds up to billions of industry dollars wasted each year.
Without a reliable, data-driven measurement method, it’s no wonder so many control tolerances are so wide. Managers simply haven’t had an efficient way to determine when a product is consistent and done.

“Having SKALA deliver real-time data is a game changer. Our processing and manufacturing teams live and breathe by it.”

Tiffany Fegurgur-McGillivray

Process Engineer [Oberto logo]

Know exactly when it's “done”

To truly know when a product is ready requires insight that simply hasn’t been available — until now. SKALA links your existing devices to a network of sensors and an advanced machine learning algorithm.
The result? Moisture numbers *during* the drying process, not afterward. That typically means a 2-3% gain in yield – the equivalent of $100,000 to $7.2 million saved from over- and under-drying per year (depending on company size).

6 months

Optimize without overhauling. Upgrading your data collection and analysis doesn’t require buying millions of dollars of new equipment – or building a software solution from scratch. SKALA can help you tighten processes and improve yields with minimal invasion and expense.

Minimize deviation. Collect the data you need to track your process in real time. One customer used their data to cut the standard deviation on their main process control spec in half.

See what you couldn’t. SKALA’s patented machine learning system displays real-time moisture content and water activity levels througout the drying process — and even predicts precisely when the final product will meet spec.

We love alphabet soup

Bring your current PLC, DCS, SCADA, ERP, MES, etc. SKALA’s open API can integrate seamlessly with whatever software you’re already using. No matter where your facility is on the path to complete digital transformation, SKALA can help – it’s flexible enough for anyone in the food industry.

We’re with you at every step of implementation — and beyond. METER Group’s world-class scientists and engineers work with every SKALA client to guarantee a successful integration and positive trajectory.

Water activity across all products
Average moisture content
Product savings

Before: Water activity across all products was 0.7935, with an average moisture content of 28.5%. 59% of the product was outside of ideal spec. 

After: Average water activity 0.8018, with an average moisture content of 29.2%. Only 7.9% of the product outside of idea spec (following 6 month utilization period).

Result: $546K (include savings froom reducing rework by 51.1%).

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