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SKALA Quality

Turn siloed QA data into instant reports, dashboards, and audit records by linking SKALA to your current sensors and equipment.

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How much does your data cost you? It costs to collect. It costs to store. It costs to dig through during audits. SKALA Quality helps you turn costs into profits – because it’s high time your data contributed to the bottom line.

Decisive real-time data to back you up

Don’t make do with fudgy, day-old data. Connect to SKALA and start automatically collecting real-time data from legacy devices, including check weighers, moisture balances, and temperature probes.
Instead of typing readings into spreadsheets, SKALA delivers data straight to a process control dashboard where you can see live production and quality metrics. Now you can use your data to make smarter operating decisions in near-real time.

Numbers you can trust - automatically

SKALA plugs you into data that comes straight from the device. No illegible handwriting, no transposed numbers, no fat-fingered data. Readings can’t be changed or deleted.
Each record comes complete with time and date, user ID, user training, record of instrument verification and calibration, in-spec stamp, and more—proof for your auditors and data you can use to monitor trends, identify issues, and investigate problems.

“SKALA has gotten all of us on the same page, from the floor supervisors to the QC techs. We’ve improved our efficiencies … to create a perfect product.”

Jake Samuel


Dip a toe into industry 4.0

What if operations could get real-time data from quality? What if your key metrics showed up on a big screen in production as they happened? SKALA delivers real-time statistical process control from data you’re already collecting. No new workflows, no new data collection—just the power to diagnose and fix your process in real time.

Full-featured reporting and compliance tools. All of the data SKALA automatically collects is available in real time to document compliance. It’s all audit-ready, traceable, searchable, and instantly accessible on any smart device.

Certificates of Analysis that prove something. A SKALA certificate of analysis is a link straight to the data that came off the instrument. It demonstrates traceability throughout your process.  It’s error proof. And it’s generated with one click.

Scientists at your service. METER Group’s world-class team of PhD’d engineers, integrators and specialists work closely with every SKALA client. From consideration and installation to ROI and beyond, they’re always available.

hours saved annually
saved in employee time
Case 1

Before: Average time required to take a water activity reading was nine minutes. Client made approximately 70 readings each day (3,833 hours annually).

After: Data collection linked to SKALA and automated. Average time required to take a water activity reading reduced to three minutes, now totaling 1,278 hours annually.

Result: Client saved 2,555 hours and $63,875 in technician productivity (at $25/hr).

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