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Tighten product spec effortlessly with SKALA’s self-optimizing drying control for batch ovens, continuous lines, and other industrial dryers.

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Installing SKALA Solo is like hiring the perfect operator: Every day, it learns and improves by thinking through past and current experiences to produce the best quality and highest yield from each batch.


Higher precision, less manpower

Approximate moisture calculations, second runs and slightly overdried product can seem negligible on a daily basis, but the time and energy spent adds up to billions of industry dollars wasted each year.
You can spend your time endlessly tweaking processes and training technicians — or you can close the loop and let SKALA’s machine learning do the work perfectly.

“SKALA has gotten all of us on the same page, from the floor supervisors to the QC techs. We’ve improved our efficiencies … to create a perfect product.”

Jake Samuel


Inhuman precision efficiency

SKALA unlocks predictive power that even the most experienced operators simply can’t equal. After you link your devices and train SKALA’s advanced machine learning algorithm, the final result is a self-optimizing closed loop.
That typically means a 2-3% gain in yield – the equivalent of $100,000 to $7.2 million saved from drying losses per year, depending on company size.

Better every day. Every batch improves SKALA’s ability to hit target specs. The more SKALA learns, the less technician supervision it needs, and the more benefit it provides.

ROI in four months

SKALA Solo-enabled facilities generally achieve return on investment before SKALA's artificial intelligence even reaches complete maturity — within four months on average.
During those months (and afterward, as needed), you’ll have anytime access to our client success managers to make sure adoption goes smoothly.

SKALA's self-optimization in action

No overhaul (or overtime) needed to get started

SKALA isn’t like so many overcomplicated, understaffed Industry 4.0 “software solutions.”
We don’t need to code any software from scratch. There’s no need to overhaul your equipment. Your factory won’t have to shut down, your operators won’t need weeks of training, and you won’t have to fight for support after installation.

How does it work?

First, we link SKALA to your current production equipment and process tracking system so it can record and learn from your process data.
Then, during each drying run, SKALA’s AI predicts moisture levels in-process and automatically adjusts dryer controls to produce the perfect finished product.
While training SKALA, technicians will measure moisture levels independently and enter them into SKALA. SKALA uses those secondary data points to test and perfect its predictive models.

World-class class support and service. METER Group’s PhD-level scientists, seasoned process control engineers, and expert network integrators work with every SKALA client for as long as needed.

Your data is secure, local, and at your fingertips

SKALA Solo isn’t cloud-based. There’s no internet connection necessary and no risk of malware or cyber attack.
Once your equipment is linked, all of your product data gets written to the same easily referenced database of batch records – a permanent asset to your company.

Water activity across all products
Average moisture content
Product savings

Before: Water activity across all products was 0.7935, with an average moisture content of 28.5%. 59% of the product was outside of ideal spec. 

After: Average water activity 0.8018, with an average moisture content of 29.2%. Only 7.9% of the product outside of idea spec (following 6 month utilization period).

Result: $546K (include savings froom reducing rework by 51.1%).

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