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Baked Snack Foods

The snack food solution. Baked snack foods need a six-month shelf life on average. Maintaining texture and quality for so long requires a deep understanding of moisture and water activity. We can help.

Water activity in snack foods

Many snack foods are famous for their texture, which is determined by water activity – not moisture content. Learn how to maximize shelf life and perfect flavor and texture.
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Water activity for monitoring the quality of dried distillers grain

Ethanol producers can boost efficiency, save money, and ensure the quality of their product by using water activity.
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Consistency is key.  Precise AQUALAB readings make all the difference. Accurate water activity measurements help prevent microbial growth and keep quality consistent.

Bakeworks Trailnuggets
Simple, honest nutrition for adventures.

Bakeworks uses water activity as a primary metric to keep their products simple, honest and delicious. This is their story.
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Bakeworks Trailnuggets

Fast, accurate, safe. AQUALAB instruments lead the industry in water activity and moisture content measurement, helping keep your batches safe, your shipments running and your production at top performance.

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Safe predictions. Water activity measurements can tell you precisely when microbes could begin to grow in your product. Controlling water activity can prevent microbial growth entirely.

Measuring moisture content: It’s more complicated than you think

Moisture content is simple in theory – but in reality, it's almost impossible to obtain an accurate, repeatable MC measurement. Here’s why.
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Use water activity to get—and maintain—the right texture

Crunchy candy, chewy confectionery, crispy chips and snack foods – without the right texture, food loses its appeal. Water activity can help you nail the perfect texture consistency.
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How to predict moisture migration with water activity

Water activity, not water content, predicts how water will migrate. Knowing your ingredients’ aW levels can help you determine how to process, formulate and package.
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“You have to be conscious of what you’re putting in your bars and people are putting in their bodies."

- Zac Fitzgerald, President / Bake Works, Inc.

Upgrade to AQUALAB. AQUALAB devices put key water activity insights at your fingertips. They're designed, tested, and proven to improve overall safety, consistency and profit.


Lightning-fast total moisture analysis to tighten process control and boost quality. Combine moisture content and water activity in one device.
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Fast. Precise. Reliable. Meet the renowned instrument that brought water activity to the business world.
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Learn, apply, grow. Discover everything you need to know about optimizing snack food aw and MC in our Knowledge Base.

The food manufacturer’s complete guide to water activity

For a cheap ingredient, water can cause a lot of expensive problems in the food industry. The best way to understand water in your product is by learning about water activity (aw).
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The food manufacturer’s complete guide to shelf life

Quality, safety, stability, microbial growth and more – water activity affects so many facets of shelf life. We've assembled everything you need to know about how to make the most of it.
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