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Functional Foods

From CBD snacks to vitamin D milk. The "functional food" umbrella covers an enormous range of products and companies. All of them can benefit from measuring moisture and water activity with AQUALAB.

Measuring water activity in nuts and dried fruit increases quality and profits

These products are highly susceptible to moisture issues during processing and storage. Measuring moisture and water activity brings huge competitive advantages.
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Water activity and seeds

Moisture measurements are critical to seed storage. Storing at the correct relative humidity minimizes enzymatic activity, prevents fungal growth and maintains viability.
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High-functioning functional food. Protect your product’s nutrients and maintain top-quality taste. AQUALAB devices give you the data and insight you need to deliver competitive product benefits.

Sunrise Fresh
From top readings to top-selling on Amazon.

Sunrise Fresh used the power of precision water activity to tighten spec, improve quality, and become the #1 dried cherry seller on Amazon.
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Sunrise Fresh

Fast, accurate, safe. AQUALAB instruments lead the industry in water activity and moisture content measurement, helping keep your batches safe, your shipments running and your production at top performance.

Trusted by

Scientific standards. Water activity can be tested to ±0.003 and verified with known, NIST-traceable standards. Results can be easily compared between departments or facilities no matter their location.

Water activity for food safety and quality

Water activity is the leading parameter for food quality and safety by controlling microbial growth, prevent caking and clumping, determine shelf life, and plenty more.
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Predict packaging performance to maximize product shelf life

You only need two key metrics to evaluate packaging: water activity and package permeability. Let's take a look at how to use them and why they're important.
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Measuring moisture content: It’s more complicated than you think

Moisture content is simple in theory – but in reality, it's almost impossible to obtain an accurate, repeatable MC measurement. Here’s why.
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We had a lot of guess-and-check. Now, we’ve improved our efficiencies, our knowledge on how to create a more consistent product pound for pound.

- Jake Samuels, Vice President | Sunrise Fresh

Ugrade to AQUALAB. AQUALAB devices put key water activity insights at your fingertips. They're designed, tested and proven to improve overall product safety, quality and profitability.


Lightning-fast total moisture analysis to tighten process control and boost quality. Combine moisture content and water activity in one device.
  • MC + aw in one
  • Results in 60 seconds
  • For the lab or the line
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Learn, apply, grow. Discover everything you need to know about optimizing functional foods' aw and MC in our Knowledge Base.

Introduction to water activity (aw): The beginner's guide to water activity's role in food production

Water activity (aw) is directly related to the microbial susceptibility of food products and is correlated with many of the reactions that end shelf life in foods. Learn why water activity measurements in food are so powerful.
Education guides4 min read

The food manufacturer’s complete guide to water activity

For a cheap ingredient, water can cause a lot of expensive problems in the food industry. The best way to understand water in your product is by learning about water activity (aw).
Education guides20 min read