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Water activity: the key to quality assurance. How do you keep your product’s quality consistent? In food manufacturing, moisture content alone can't provide the information you need to truly conquer issues like microbial growth and poor shelf life.

The food manufacturer’s complete guide to water activity

For a cheap ingredient, water can cause a lot of expensive problems in the food industry. The best way to understand water in your product is by learning about water activity (aw).
Education guides20 min read

Introduction to water activity (aw): The beginner's guide to water activity's role in food production

Water activity (aw) is directly related to the microbial susceptibility of food products and is correlated with many of the reactions that end shelf life in foods. Learn why water activity measurements in food are so powerful.
Education guides4 min read

Save time. Gain accuracy. Ensure your product’s quality, safety, and profitability, by setting water activity as your primary metric. 


Lightning-fast total moisture analysis to tighten process control and boost quality. Combine moisture content and water activity in one device.
  • MC + aw in one
  • Results in 60 seconds
  • For the lab or the line
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Fast. Precise. Reliable. Meet the renowned instrument that brought water activity to the business world.
  • aw in <5 min.
  • Highly compliant + compatible
  • Secure data storage
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Precise aw readings in minutes — even on volatile samples that cripple other instruments.
  • Near-invincible laser sensor
  • Read highly volatile substances
  • Accurate to ±0.005 aw
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Precision at every point. Get lab-quality measurements anywhere in your process: In the lab, at the production line, the receiving dock, processing plant, or storage facility. Test and verify your products anywhere.

Knowledge Base

Learn, apply, grow. Discover everything you need to know about water activity and moisture optimization in our Knowledge Base.

Water Activity and pH: Working Together for Product Safety

Combining water activity and pH to prevent microbial growth creates a powerful synergistic effect. Here’s how to maximize efficiency and safety when doing so.
Webinars45 min watch

Water Activity 201: Specifications and Shelf Life

Step one is learning that water activity measurements are key to making shelf life predictions. Step two is learning how to do it yourself.
Webinars62 min watch

Water Activity 301: Water Activity and Physical Properties

Join Dr. Brady Carter for a more in-depth look at how to interpret moisture sorption isotherms and determine when physical changes will end shelf life.
Webinars63 min watch

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