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ATMOS 41W weather station - Atmospheric data anywhere

New all-in-one weather station with telemetry and solar panels built in—no corded connections of any kind needed.
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METER Group, Inc. announces 2023 Grant A. Harris Fellowship winners

PULLMAN, WA—METER Group, Inc. makers of precision scientific instrumentation and software solutions for environmental science, and geotechnical applications is pleased to announce this year’s recipients of the Grant A. Harris Fellowship.
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Washington Ag-Tech Company Receives Innovation Award

Soil water potential sensor named Best Innovation in Engineering and Technology
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AnalyticsWeek: Modernizing Food Production with IoT

The assumption that low-moisture and low-water activity foods hold no risk of microbial contamination has led to numerous foodborne illness outbreaks and recalls. Mary Galloway explains why and what to do about it.
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Food Industry Exec: Water Activity Prevents Outbreak & Illness

Sensor data, wireless connectivity and cloud computing have made it easier than ever for food manufacturers to access the benefits of the Industrial Internet of Things. Greater precision, consistency, and yield are available to those who adopt.
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METER Group Introduces the ROS 1 Moisture Analyzer for Food and Pharma

PULLMAN, Wash. — Breakthrough innovation is the first and only moisture content analyzer to offer reference method-precision, simplicity of an oven, and speed of moisture balance
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METER Group Unveils SKALA Solo

PULLMAN, Wash. — Closed-loop drying solution harnesses machine learning and artificial intelligence to bring automated self-optimizing drying control to batch ovens, continuous lines, and industrial process systems; New software reflects post-acquisition integration
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HealthSourceMag: Thorne Partners with METER to Disrupt Wellness Industry

With the wellness industry growing at astounding rates year after year, it can seem nearly impossible to stand out. Thorne HealthTech, however, is officially up to the task.
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Food Engineering Mag: “METER Group helps Hostess R&D, QC and production”

May 5, 2022 — “Recently, Hostess partnered with METER Group to assist with product predictions in R&D, quality control metrics and production optimization. We spoke with Dr. Vivian Allen, senior research scientist in product development at Hostess Brands, about the tools she uses to take a food from formulation to final product.”
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