TEROS 54 Soil Moisture Profile Probe - Measure more, work less

The new TEROS 54 profile probe is designed to make every step of the soil moisture measurement process easier – without sacrificing accuracy or durability.

PULLMAN—METER Environment announces the release of TEROS 54 soil moisture profile probe, the easiest way to install and remove soil water content and temperature sensors at four depths simultaneously without extensive excavation.

The TEROS 54 was designed to make every step of the measurement process easier—without sacrificing accuracy or durability. Soil water content and temperature sensors are positioned at 15, 30, 45, and 60 cm depths (6, 12, 18, and 24 in), providing root zone measurements without requiring soil pits or cumbersome sensor retrieval at lower depths. The TEROS 54 provides the convenience of profile measurements combined with the research-grade accuracy you’ve come to expect from METER.

Multiple sensors in one instrument reduce the cord management hassle created with large sensor networks comprised of several individual sensors. The TEROS 54 connects water content and temperature sensors at all four depths to a data logger via one cable, allowing more sensors per logger. The new profile probe is the pinnacle of simplicity from beginning to end, requiring no programming or wiring beyond one cord to the data logger.

Figure 1. TEROS 54 Soil Moisture Profile Probe

Once the data is sent to ZENTRA Cloud via your ZL6 data logger, your data is available in near-real-time from anywhere in the world. Each depth generates data in ZENTRA Cloud as if they were individual sensors, ensuring the same detailed measurements METER instrumentation is known for.

“The innovation behind the TEROS 54,” says research scientist Leo Rivera, “is the ability to get research-grade soil water content sensors into the ground without the typical excavation trenches usually required to obtain the same measurements in profile with individual sensors. The dedicated removal tool then makes extraction seamless, making this new sensor ideal for fields that need to be cultivated seasonally and thus require equipment removal more often than annually.”

For researchers and growers who struggle to find a balance between ease of use and research-grade measurements, the TEROS 54 is about to change the game. It is the only high-accuracy profile probe that reaches 60 cm, encompassing the whole root zone, painting a more complete picture of what is happening in the soil with your crop.

Learn more about the TEROS 54 here.