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The Ultimate Craft Cultivation Platform

AROYA® helps your operation scale for success by delivering actionable data and insights to improve grams per square foot per year.

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Hardware. Software. Insights. Profit.

The AROYA® platform tracks and analyzes your operations to provide a detailed snapshot into what’s going on with your grow on any given day. Because when it comes to ensuring consistent product quality, streamlined operations, and increased profitability - data is key.

Craft cultivation. Elevated and automated.

Stop using google sheets, whiteboards, clipboards, guesswork, and disparate applications. That’s no way to run a commercial agriculture operation.

This is the future. With intense regulatory scrutiny, an evolving competitive landscape, and fluctuating industry standards, you can’t afford to not work efficiently and consistently. That’s why we’re here.

“AROYA® has changed my approach to cultivation [by allowing me to see] what’s going on in the substrate.”

 - David Polley, Founder | Preferred Gardens

Know your grow.

Dashboards collect and compile data from all your sensors in the rooms, in the substrates, and in your systems, giving you complete visibility into your operation.

The result? Easy, secure access to intelligent decision-making with the click of a mouse or the touch of a screen. Save time, money, effort and stress, all while gaining a deeper understanding of what works for you.

daily plant growth

Learn how our platform delivers actionable data and insights in real-time to improve your bottom line. Our solutions cover cultivation and processing and deliver ROI at every stage. So you’re always in the know and continually optimizing from seed to shipment.

Be a know-it-all. You’re in command of how you cultivate. Take ownership over all your controls, recipes, harvest groups, and strains.

Fast install. Easy integration. The sensors feed right into your software, meaning everyone from the growroom to the executive suite is in sync.

“This plant management system and sensor system is a critical tool to our program. It has really helped us scale and manage multiple facilities at the same time.”

 - Jack Whipple, CEO | Whipple Effect


Because compliance matters. Our platform integrates with state-to-state compliance tools like METRC, keeping your operations in the good graces of regulators, even as laws and policies continue to evolve.

OFFICE HOURSWatch All Episodes

Every Thursday at 4:20 p.m. ET we host in-depth conversations packed with insights, tips, and answers straight from our experts. Join us, ask us anything, and become an integral part of our cultivation community. In the meantime, explore our entire archive.

Office Hours
Episode 1

Join us every Thursday at 4:20 p.m. ET, to engage in lively and insightful conversation with our experts here on Team AROYA on all things cultivation and cannabis production. We love answering questions and we love even more when our community comes together.
Office hours60 min watch

Office Hours
Episode 2

Our second episode of AROYA Office Hours was a huge success. The team took your crop steering and cannabis cultivation questions to our CEO Scott Campbell, and our Director of Customer Success, Jason Van Leuven.
Office hours59 min watch
Episode 1
Episode 2

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