Grizzly Peak
The name of the game is scale.

Grizzly Peak is ramping up production in 2022 and beyond. As they grow, they trust METER Horticulture to help them keep their products fresh, potent, pesticide-free.


Grizzly Peak is a California-based premium indoor flower provider with three generations of growing in their blood. Although they have over 30 years of experience in the cannabis market, they’re constantly innovating, constantly adapting, and constantly scaling their operations. Their superior strains serve recreational and medical markets.


Pounds per light is a metric cultivators use to measure yield. (Grams per square foot per year is another one that covers across time, and a metric we favor at METER Horticulture.) A pound per light is standard. When Grizzly Peak implemented METER Horticulture and AROYA, they doubled it to two pounds. 


On a per-room basis, this means Grizzly Peak went from harvesting about 60 pounds per room to cracking 100 pounds routinely. This was in just their first three months. That consistently dialed-in approach has helped them maximize top-line revenue while allowing them to reliably forecast their own growth in the future.


Grizzly Peak now has three facilities and 18 flower rooms in total. They harvest every three days. When 100 pounds used to be the goal, now they shoot for 150. The opportunity lies not only in how much they can grow, but in how well they grow across each of their rooms. That consistent approach helps them set ambitious growth goals in the future: 200 is the new standard in 2022.


With yield dialed up, they can refocus their efforts on creativity, and innovating new products for the consumer. They’re looking to keep nurturing the plants from start to finish but to be able to experiment in ways that achieve great results. With the transparency offered by AROYA and METER Horticulture solutions, the entire team is aligned with the same common goal of quality output and sustainable excellence.

What's most exciting, I think moving forward, is actually being able to use the data that we're collecting on all strains and genetics, and dialing it in to be strain specific. So, creating a strain, building a recipe based on the data, the input that we have, building a recipe, and figuring out how to achieve the maximum potential of the genetic material before we implement it into production.

- Gonzalo, Cultivation Manager | Grizzly Peak Farms

Execution is mission-critical to Grizzly Peak. With the entire team able to see, grow, and scale with full transparency and replicable consistency, there’s no excuses and no limits to how far they’ll grow.

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