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What is AROYA Office Hours?

AROYA Office Hours is a weekly Google Hangout session held every Thursday at 1:20 pm PST/4:20 pm EST to answer your burning questions about cultivation. This is your chance to ask about crop steering, sensors, and the many ways AROYA can help with commercial craft cultivation!


Hosted by CEO Scott Campbell and

Director of Client Success Jason Van Leuven

These weekly sessions are invite-only and recorded, then posted on our YouTube channel for public view and comment. To submit your questions ahead of time use this form, send an email to support.aroya@metergroup.com, or DM us on Instagram. Attendees of the live broadcast are encouraged to submit their questions in the chat for their chance to get answers in real-time.

How to join the next session of AROYA Office Hours

Sign up for the AROYA email list here to receive an invitation to the next session.

Joining a live session of AROYA Office Hours means you acknowledge and accept that you will be part of the recording. Each session’s recording will be uploaded and available on the AROYA YouTube channel for on-demand viewing.

AROYA Office Hours Best Practices

Whether you currently work in commercial craft cultivation (as a grower, cultivation manager, head of operations, or in any other capacity), want to learn more about our cannabis production platform, or are just super passionate about growing, then AROYA Office Hours is for you! 

Each session is not only a great opportunity for existing AROYA customers to get their tech support questions answered by the experts - but it’s also the perfect time to talk shop about crop steering, share tips and tricks, and network with other cultivators doing exciting things in this emerging industry.

This ISN’T The Time To Ask:

  • Why isn’t there an AROYA system for home growers?
  • What does AROYA cost? (Book a demo and let’s talk!)
  • Are you hiring?
  • Am I allowed to do [insert activity] according to regulations?

This IS The Time To Ask:

  • What are some ways to go from manual growing to crop steering with hardware/software?
  • How does AROYA help with task management?
  • This is the data I’m seeing with my grow - can you help me understand what it means?
  • What’s the difference between water activity and moisture content?

Apply to be a guest

Are you a grower, cultivation manager, or head of operations looking to share your expertise? Submit your application for a chance to be a guest on a future episode of Office Hours! 

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