Office Hours
Episode 11


Our hosts also answered our audience's questions—getting to the roots of what can help cultivators—like how to determine the ideal number of sensors for your grow, and what you can do if you get a higher rise EC at night than you'd like. Just to name a few.

Improvement starts wherever you're at.

“Cultivation is exactly what you need to do. All we're saying as a basis is you need to have data as your foundation, and then use that data to understand and improve your methods, and work with the resources that you have rather than saying it's prescriptive.”-- Scott Campbell

Like a picture worth a thousand data points.

“Uniformity is an instantaneous picture of how close these plants are behaving to the plants next to it.” -- Jason Van Leuven

It might take a few tries to find the right fit.

“Substrate is a Goldilocks of not knowing—you need enough, but not too much—in order to crop steer effectively and to have a healthy root zone.” -- Scott Campbell

When in doubt, spec it out.

“So much of crop steering is the assumption that your substrate is appropriately specced out for what you're trying to grow as far as the size of the plant.” -- Jason Van Leuven


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