Office Hours
Episode 18


Our virtual audience submitted some great questions about VPD, drying technology and, all manner of crop steering, and we have all of the highlights.

Recipes make growers' lives easier.

“That little bit of intellectual property and having your recipes and everything sorted out, so when you do want to give someone your magic recipe, you can. It's easy. It's right there. It's quantified. Easy to follow right down to, ‘Hey, here's how the graphs looked previously. Here's what you need to copy. Here's the instructions.’” -- Seth Baumgartner

Build a system that sets you up for success.

“Next to the environment, the most important thing that you can do is set up the facility and be ready for success using substrate sensors, environment sensors, concentrating technology, and getting on board with standardized projectile crop cycles.” -- Jason Van Leuven


Every little improvement adds up.

“I don't know . . . if I was a producer, I would probably want to have something like AROYA to really steer my crops and push production because in those economies of scale, just like in big cannabis, and small cannabis, any little improvement adds up pretty quick. One percent can be a big number if in the right circumstance.” -- Seth

The future of growing in one word: efficiency.

“It's unlikely that the cost of power is going to go down. The cost of drying equipment is not going to go down. So over time there's going to be more incentives for growers to embrace greenhouse growing, and especially embrace sensory equipment, precision tools that allow you to really dial in your grow and be very efficient.” -- Seth


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