Office Hours
Episode 19


It's always a mystery what we'll get to learn at AROYA Office Hours LIVE, but Seth and Jason brought it to this week's sesh. We talked about a ton of topics, from METRC integration to data logging, from crop steering to APIs.

Harvest Groups help you reduce human error.

“Take out the data entry step. Instead of writing it down and then putting it in the computer—just go straight to the spreadsheet with it.” -- Seth Baumgartner

The more quantifiable you can be, the better.

“When I was growing, I realized that there are a lot of activities going on from humans and that's really why we emphasize the importance of taking annotations in your facility. Talk about what tasks are getting done and attribute that to the growth cycle.” -- Jason Van Leuven


Recipes make it easy to learn from your past successes (and failures).

“As you learn more and add more tools to your toolbox and your growing knowledge, you can start developing those recipes at a very accelerated rate compared to just looking historically at the data . . . in such a short time, we have such a big amount of data.” -- Seth

The future of cannabusiness relies on utilizing data.

“But when I’ve grown the same strains 20 or 30 times, at some point you go, ‘Well, I remember I had this response once, but I can't find a picture. I can't find any notes,’ then you start going off of your observational feels. And that's not where you want to be when you’re trying to run a business, so notes, pictures, and recording absolutely everything.” -- Seth


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